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Real Estate Online Marketing: How to Get Leads….for REAL

Posted by robinkw on July 13, 2014
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Real estate online marketing is kind of like an online mirage. It looks real. People swear to you its real…but you can never actually reach it yourself.


The truth is (sorry folks) is that most of you will never reach the real estate online marketing mirage. Unlike many companies, we aren’t promising to be Alchemists who create something out of nothing.


The truth is, generating leads from real estate online marketing is hard. It doesn’t happen just by purchasing a $50/month website solution. Again, sorry dudes. And it doesn’t happen miraculously. If you want to generate leads online you need to work hard—just like you do offline.


BUT—(in a rare glimpse of good news) it isn’t impossible. One way to accomplish this is to rent a fully managed website solution that has the SEO work included (and proved by website visitor numbers and leads coming in), like the ones we offer in our condos series. A couple of examples in this series are one representing condos for sale in Regina, and condos for sale Winnipeg.


How to Get Leads—for Real—with Real Estate Online Marketing

OK—so, getting leads is hard. We know we said that already, but we thought we would state that. Below we’re going to over-simplify the effort that goes into getting leads from your website…but here it is:
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1.    Get Traffic

Your first step to getting leads is to get traffic to your website. After all, you can’t get leads off your website if no one is visiting it.

So…how to get traffic.


Well, there are a few ways. The easiest is to buy it with Pay Per Click advertising. The second is to earn it with SEO (significantly harder, although cheaper over the long-term—if you do it right). The third is to connect your website with offline advertising and marketing.


2.    Convert your Traffic into Leads

Thought step 1 was hard? Perhaps you should read no further.

Turning your website traffic into actual leads is hard. We won’t pretend to have all the answers, but what has worked in the past is…

  • Live Chat

Live chat is a fickle beast. IF used correctly it can garner you a number of leads…however, it needs to be used correctly. It takes time to learn how to use correctly. Don’t be in their faces, and don’t be a ‘how can I help you rep’. Be, actually, useful.


  • Call to Action Buttons

Call to action buttons are useful when luring potential buyers and sellers into your lethal web. They however are hit and miss—so use a number of different ones, then use your analytics tool to figure out which one is working. Then—do more of that.


  • ‘Hide Stuff’ Buttons

Hiding information behind a login is another hit-or-miss strategy. For some people it works, for others it ticks off their viewers. Try it out on a small scale and see if it works.


‘Hide stuff’ buttons include “enter your information to see more” and “sign up for new listings” buttons.


3.    Pray

No lead-generating campaign is perfect. Nor is it guaranteed.


So, set your plan into action and pray. Then, evaluate the results and alter your campaign accordingly.


Never give up after the first try—as the amount of agents that make it to the second round of efforts is slimmer. The third round is slimmer still. Fourth-round agents have the pick of the litter.