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Real Estate Online Marketing: Why you Should Create CUSTOM Listings with ‘Featured Listings’ on your Website

Posted by robinkw on March 7, 2014
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When it comes to Real Estate Online Marketing and real estate SEO—don’t blog…create featured listings. Well, blog too—if there’s time.
real estate online marketing featured listings why
The reason that hand-sculpted featured listing pages are better than blog posts is that there are more people searching street addresses than there are “how to stage a home”. This means bigger bang for your buck—and significantly more visitors.

But aside from SEO and garnering visitors, creating ‘featured listings’ that aren’t an import from MLS offers you a number of benefits…

Real Estate Online Marketing: Why YOU Should have Featured Listings on YOUR Website:


  1. High-Res Images Most Realtors pay big bucks for high-quality, professional images, but MLS shrinks them down and limits you to about 10. With a featured listings you can use as many high-res images as you would like—and properly illustrate what the property looks like.
  2. Longer, More-Detailed Descriptions MLS listings, in addition to limiting how many photos you can upload, also limit you on space. They’re so limited that we’ve all learned the standards short forms, like bdrm and elfs. The problem is—the public have no idea what these mean…until they’ve found a Realtor who explains what they are—at which point they’re too far in the salescycle for you to turn the website visitor into a client.Longer descriptions not only trigger great SEO points (whereas MLS listings are copied content in 17,000 places on the web and don’t offer any SEO) but they can gain you brownie points with your visitors—and the listing client. Creating a well-constructed featured listing on your website that ranks well with Google will create better visibility for your listing. 
  3. Virtual Tours and Video
    Featured listings in our website are a great way to add a virtual tour or video to your website. And it couldn’t be simpler. Simply upload a video to YouTube, then paste the URL into the featured listing in the desired location and it will automatically embed.
  4. SEO (YOU should get attention from YOUR listings)Yes, yes—we mentioned this before, but it’s worth repeating. Creating an SEO-ified (ask us how easy this is to do with our websites) listing will mean that when someone searches your listing address, your page will rank well against the competition. It should beat out all the other websites with your listing on it, once you’ve begun to rank with Google. This process can take a few months to earn a good site reputation on Google, but you’ll get bonus points if you post the listing slightly before it’s released into MLS (which isn’t hard as it takes time to cycle through the system and be pushed out to websites with automatic MLS listings) you’ll get major street cred with Google.
  5. You Need a Detailed Description for Feature Sheets AnywaysPrinting off an MLS ad as a feature sheet certainly doesn’t cut it. But, you can kill two birds with one stone with a featured listing. By creating a high-quality featured listing you will have an excellent description, graphics and images—which you can print off, or copy and paste into a page design software like PowerPoint or Excel.


To give you an example of the SEO benefit, we did SEO for a number of niche website pages, for individual buildings/listings, like 1715 Badham boulevard Regina and 3200 Portage ave Winnipeg, and those pages are now on the first page of Google!


So…featured listings make sense on a number of fronts. They boost your SEO, please your listing client and help you drive traffic to your website. The only step left is to create them.


If your website doesn’t have a place to create featured listings, it doesn’t offer the SEO power you need to get those listings ranking well on Google, doesn’t have a step-by-step SEO tool or simply doesn’t portray the professional image that you’d like…give us a call about ensuring all the above.