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Real Estate Online Marketing–5 CAN’T MISS TIPS

Posted by robinkw on June 15, 2014
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Real estate online marketing is a tough cookie to crumble. And as it should be—you’re not an online marketer you’re a real estate agent.  We don’t try to sell houses, because it’s not what we know.
real estate online marketing
The good news is, internet marketing is significantly easier than selling houses. In fact, there are 5 major skills involved in real estate online marketing…



The 5 Essential Skills of Real Estate Online Marketing

There are 5 basic skills you need to learn to be successful in real estate online marketing:


1.    Analyzing

The best thing about real estate online marketing is that there are many opportunities  to analyze your success—and, more importantly, your failures. By using tools like Google Analytics for your website, the analytics tool for paid marketing (like Google Pay Per Click) and open rates with your email-marketing tool, you can find out what campaigns work the best and which ones the least. This can help you to refocus your efforts on what works.


2.    The Throw the Spaghetti at the Wall Trick

Back in your younger days while you were learning to cook spaghetti someone probably told you to toss spaghetti on the wall to tell if it is done. Well, as it turns out this is a good approach for internet marketing. Some approaches work better than others—and trying multiple approaches works best of all. So, use call to actions, live chat and other forms of lead generation on your website, start a drip email marketing campaign, try paid marketing like Google Pay Per Click and try Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


3.    Stand Out

The absolute best thing that an agent doing real estate online marketing can do to succeed in online marketing—is to stand out! We’ve seen thousands of agents with the same website and with all but identical email-marketing emails. And they all blend into the crowd. Do whatever you can to stand out. Have a better website (call us for that!), be funny, be clever, be original, have content that ACTUALLY matters and isn’t just internet fluff. Use infographics in your marketing campaign to stand out on paper. Do whatever it takes to be unique.


4.    Consider a Niche Real Estate Website

When someone is looking for information on the web—they don’t care where it comes from they just want information. This means that giant banner with your picture on it isn’t helping. In fact, it’s hurting you, as it tends to scare people away from engaging with your website and with you. A niche website focuses on information and properties, instead of on you as an agent (because they don’t care about you…yet). Niche websites include those for condos, executive homes, green homes, townhouses, apartments, unique homes, neighbourhoods, foreclosures, farms/land, etc.


5. Final Tip: Follow this Blog

While this last piece of advice sounds self serving, we have great advice. From niche marketing to website improvement to analytics to technology and apps advice…we’ve got your technological back J