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Real Estate Marketing for Websites: How to Become Famous…with Google!

Posted by robinkw on July 2, 2014
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Many Canadian Realtors ask us—“how do I become well-known with Google”. We say—with real estate marketing for websites. Of course, that was the simple answer.

real estate marketing for websites

The best way to become famous on Google though is to have your picture on Google so that you’re recognizable. As a great side effect of getting your picture displayed in Google search results is that you also get a little bump in rankings as you become a verified author with Google.


Real Estate Marketing for Websites: Get Google Authorship

Getting your picture in the search results of Google is actually really easy…but we’ll get to that later. First, allow us to explain with Google Authorship is.


Google Authorship is verifying yourself with Google, so that they know who you are. When you become a—free—verified author you get the following benefits:


  1. You get your photo in the search results of Google—which makes you stand out from all the website that DON’T have a picture next to their website (which these days is still the majority).
  2. You get a higher ranking as Google recognizes who you are.


How to Get Google Authorship for Realtors

OK—now the even better news. Google Authorship is free, and can be setup in under 10 minutes. Here’s how:


Step 1: Setup Google Plus
Your first step is to setup a free Google Plus profile.


Step 2: Get some Friends

Your Google Authorship status is partially evaluated by your ‘circles’, so get some friends on your Google Plus profile. The more the better, and the more you interact with and share things with the better. Also, your authorship rating will go up if you’re a contributor to more than one website, so see if you can write a blog post on your mortgage brokers website, brokers website or Realtor friends’ websites (and add the little piece of code to verify your authorship—and add that website to your ‘contributor’ section).

Step 3: Add your Website

Under the “contributor” section, add your website address.


Step 4: Verify your Website

To verify that you are a contributor to your website you need to put a small piece of code into the website so that Google can see that it truly is you.


That’s it.


If you’re wondering how to add the piece of code to your website—just ask us. Use our live chat and we will give you the code.