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Real Estate Marketing Ideas: 3 Legit SEO Cheats for Realtors

Posted by robinkw on October 28, 2013
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Real Estate Marketing Ideas: 3 Legit SEO Work-Arounds for Realtors

So. You’ve looked for real estate marketing ideas and heard about SEO. You may have dabbled in it (likely to no result). If you haven’t dabbled in it, and don’t know what it is, here is a phenomenal video that explains what it is in super-simple terms that even people without computer science degrees can understand:

Got it now? Great. (If you don’t ‘get it’ yet—give us call, we’d be more than happy to explain it and answer any questions that you have—no really, we probably need a break from staring at HTML code anyways.


Now, SEO is hard. That’s why there are tens of thousands of companies who offer SEO services, some of them legit—and some of them snake-oil salesmen. In response to the snake-oil salesmen—there are no cheats, hacks or workarounds for SEO. Google puts hundreds of millions of dollars, every year, into their algorithm to ensure that nobody can’ fake it’. “But you said you have cheats?”. We do, but they are really just ways to avoid the hard-work that SEO takes (especially in a competitive industry like real estate) while still getting exposure online. …and here are our real estate marketing ideas to avoid SEO (although doing SEO as well is even better!):


  1. Google Business Registration
    Registering your business with Google will put you on Google Places—and on Google Maps. Since Google generally puts a few of its Google Maps/Google Places results near the top of search engine results—this is one way to get to the top of a search engine, without search engine optimization.
    Registering for Google Place takes about 5 minutes (although you need to wait a couple weeks to receive a postcard from Google in the mail with a code on it, to confirm your address), and can be done using this link:
  2. Videos
    Google does the same sort of thing with its videos from YouTube (which is owned by Google), displaying a couple of videos in its search results. So, another way to get to the top of Google without putting effort into SEO is to upload some videos on YouTube. These can be listing walkthroughs, realtor-introduction videos or neighbourhood highlights. You can take these videos on your iPhone or video-enabled smartphone. And quite frankly, you should be taking them anyways because video listings get more attention than print alone.
    To create a YouTube profile, click here:
  3. AdWords
    AdWords is like ‘paid SEO’ from Google. AdWords is the only company that can offer paid SEO results—as it is owned and controlled by Google. While paying for clicks (AdWords is also known as pay-per-click advertising) isn’t ideal, there is a break-even point where some SEO services will be more expensive than pay-per-click.
    You can sign up here, or use their navigation to find information or videos showing you what it’s all about:
  4. Axing IDX
    IDX has no SEO value. In fact it detracts from SEO because it temporarily populates your real estate website with listing information—although it is all duplicate content and none of it is actually hosted on your website—which is why it has no value. If you ditch IDX there is a great work-around for SEO that will get you hits to your website, by uploading unique property listings, with unique descriptions, to your website.Uploading listings to your website is simple, especially with our real estate websites. We can show you just how simple. If you can use Hotmail and Facebook—you can upload a listing to our websites. To make it an SEO winner it needs to be at least 200 words (although 350+ is even better!), and entirely unique.Once you’ve begun uploading your own unique listings you’ll begin getting SEO ‘points’. These SEO points will send you to the top of Google results quickly because you won’t be competing with super-competitive keywords, like “Toronto homes for sale”, you’ll be competing based on your listing’s address (which should make you the only one). Alternatively you can use the street address or neighbourhood as the keyword so that you’ll come up in search results for properties on that street or neighbourhood in the future.But all this starts with getting rid of IDX (or at least uploading your own properties on your website alongside your IDX). 

Sound good? Or does it sounds overwhelming? If it sounds overwhelming, start with one at a time—and start with registering for Google Places, because it is easy as pie (–which really isn’t easy to make at all—we’ve tried!). Or you can just pay us to do it for you.

If you’re keen to get started—fantastic, BUT, before you go SEO gung-ho know that you need an impressive website that will keep the attention of the traffic you send to it. Here is where the good news comes in—we can build you one, within a week (depending on the difficulty of the site you request) for about $2500.

Give us a call, use the online chat below or shoot us an email and we can do a free analysis on your current website and online marketing strategy to tell you where you need the most help.


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