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26 Cheap (but Smart) Real Estate Marketing Ideas for 2014

Posted by robinkw on November 9, 2013
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Real estate and real estate marketing are cut-throat industries—and you need to haul butt just to stay afloat. To get ahead of the flock you need to implement some creative marketing and sales ideas….and here’s 26 kick-starting real estate marketing ideas to get you started:

real estate marketing ideas


  1. Create a great email signature, preferably complete with a picture and a quote that will help you stick out in people’s minds. It should also have all methods of communications, including links to your social profiles.
  2. Boost your  real estate marketing SEO efforts. If you haven’t done any SEO yet, start.
  3. Mobilify yourself. Make sure your website is ready for the mobile movement. Check to see that your website displays across the most popular devices.real estate marketing ideas
  4. Ask people to put you in their cellphones, because the days of passing out a business card is over. Instead, ask them to put you in their cellphone where you’ll be ready at hand should they have a question.
  5. Use analytics on your website and your Facebook page to see how well—or poorly—you’ve done over the last year. Also, use it to take tips for social and website ‘tweaking’ improvements.
  6. Engrave your information on your customer’s new-home keys. They will have a regular reminder of you, which will keep you in the forefront of their brains should one of their friends be in the market.
  7. Check your  real estate marketing online presence. Do you have a great website? Is it at least as good if not better than your competitor’s? If not, now might be the time.
  8. Pay Per Click advertising. If your SEO is somewhat lackluster but you don’t have the time to put the effort into SEO then use the SEO shortcut, PPC.
  9. Host seminars. Whatever you’re an expert in—host a seminar in it. This could be downsizing for seniors, condos for the upwardly-mobile or simply how to stage your home for sale. Then market the heck out of it on social media (consider paying for Facebook advertising) and other platforms.
  10. Develop a solid relationship with a great mortgage broker so that you can—conversely—send each other leads.
  11. Email marketing. If you haven’t started email marketing yet, now’s the time. You can do it for free on MailChimp and it can help you reach a large number of people in a short amount of time.
  12. Be super creative at your next community event and do something off-the-wall and memorable like handing out smoke-detector batteries with a little note reminding people to keep their family safe by changing the batteries–”just another home tip from Whoville’s best agent, Jim Smith”.
  13. Buy (and actually carry) white, writable business cards. This way if you meet somebody and ask for their information you have something handy for them to write it on. You will inevitably put it in your phone anyways but there’s something memorable about having them write it down for you.
  14. Create accounts on consumer review sites like Yelp or ActiveRain and encourage past customers to review you. These reviews could be the deal-sealer for potential customers deciding which agent to sign with.
  15. Setup a LinkedIn profile. While we don’t dig it as a social network necessarily, you can use it as an online resume service that will highlight your skills, specialties and all the training that you’ve had. You can also have people give you endorsements and testimonials that are completely legit as they link back to a real person’s profile. If you don’t have time for this, we offer a profile setup service for just $50.
  16. Sponsor a little league team. Families with little kids in sports are extremely social and by attending games you can get yourself into a whole new market—of young families upgrading to a larger home. Try to get into everyone’s cellphone and encourage them to call you with any home-oriented questions they have—like which home upgrades are worth the most to your home’s value.

  17. Find an ‘in’ into your local mommy market. Mom marketing is one of the strongest social networks for products—if you can get an ‘in’, the marketing potential is endless. So, go the extra mile for a mommy-marketing client.
  18. Real estate marketing ideas #18: Turn your car into a mobile advertisement with wrap-style marketing. It can be expensive initially but there are no on-going marketing costs. Of course, only do this if you’re a courteous driver!
  19. Supercharge your boring business cards with QR codes and rich content. Infoduce ( has a great platform that allows you to make a clean interface with connections to everything you need, like a LinkedIn profile, your website, your vCard (a downloadable business card that enters all your data into someone’s phone as a contact) and more.
  20. Leverage video. Video has never been easier now that all of us have powerful cameras in our pocket that we religiously bring everywhere with us. To start your creative video juices flowing, here’s some video ideas: customer testimonials, an introduction video, a video resume, listing videos and neighbourhood highlights.
  21. Align yourself with a local charity. Try to find one that isn’t aligned with any other agent and has tons of people involved in the charity and its events. That way you’ll have a large reach. Agree to donate a % of every sale to that charity, and then put that on your website, business card and all your marketing materials. Ask them to put a link on their website to your website and announce the partnership on their Facebook page.
  22. Buy the phone number of agents who retire or move out of town. The only hard thing about this one is keeping your ear to the ground to find out who is retiring and leaving.
  23. Buy tshirts with your business information on them and a slogan, and then wear them to every local event you go to.
    real estate marketing ideas
  24. Write a column in a local newspaper. Local newspapers are pushed to reduce their staff costs and boost their ad revenue, so meet them in the middle with a community column, home-renovation advice or the like. If you aren’t a great writer you can always hire our writer to write it for you. Be prepared that they may charge you for the column, but we promise it is money better spent than yet another ad in the real estate section.
  25. As a real estate marketing ideas: host a customer appreciation party to keep you in the forefront of their minds—and of course ask them for their referrals.
  26. Cozy up to agents nearing their retirement age. Show them how eager you are to close business—and how good you are at it. That way when they retire you may be on the shortlist for their referrals or client rolodex.

Here’s one extra-special bonus tip: hire Real Estate Websites Canada (that’s this ominous voice playing in your head right now as you read this article) to supercharge your online presence and real estate online marketing tasks. We can do it cheaper and better than you can…just don’t ask us to sell houses! We’re rubbish at that!


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