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Real Estate Marketing Ideas 2014: The Realtor Online Marketing Challenge for 2014

Posted by robinkw on December 22, 2013
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It’s 2014—a brand new year, and it’s time to do all those ‘tech thingies’  and real estate marketing ideas you’ve wanted to do for a long time now. BUT, don’t make new year’s resolutions or dreams—make tangible goals. If you’ve had make better use of your CRM, update your dated website, start email real estate marketing or drip marketing, and the like—then we have a 2014 challenge for you—should you wish to accept.


(Spoiler—this 2014-oriented article will save you money and therefore expand the reach of what you can accomplish—real estate marketing ideas-wise–this year.)


Our Realtor Online Marketing Challenge for 2014
This challenge is all about getting you actively growing towards your goals—and getting you to where you want to be—on the budget you can afford.

Real Estate Marketing Ideas

The first step is to make a list of the technology and online real estate marketing ideas and advances you’d like to (finally) do this year. To help get you started here’s some ideas:


  1. Revamp my website
  2. Get a mobile website
  3. Start doing email marketing / drip marketing
  4. Find new—and actually useful—communication tools
  5. Start measuring where my leads come from to better focus my real estate marketing
  6. Start leveraging video in my real estate marketing ideas and strategy
  7. Start using (or better use) QR codes or augmented reality advertising
  8. Redo my business cards
  9. Create a better, overarching real estate branding strategy
  10. Start Social Media Marketing
  11. Improve engagement in Social Media Marketing
  12. Begin analyzing my online success (or lackthereof)
  13. Learn to better use my Ipad or Tablet for business
  14. Begin posting my listings on sites like Craigslist, Kijiji and other third-party networks


Your next step is to assign a dollar value to each to see how much each one would cost. Again, we’ll get you started (although this isn’t an exhaustive list as each element could be an entire web article on its own)…


Real Estate Marketing Ideas


  1. New/Improved Website: $600/year…or is it?
    The standard website company rents you your site for about $50 a month (not including setup fees). That’s $600 every year for a template website. OUR websites are $2500 one time, which means in a couple years you have an extra $600 in your budget. Our websites are also super-professional and don’t use standardized templates.
  2. Mobile Website: FREE
    If you choose our websites you get a responsive website that looks awesome on all mobile devices. So, check!
  3. Email Marketing: Time
    There is an amazing FREE email-marketing platform that has a beautiful point-and-click graphical interface, it’s called MailChimp. MailChimp also stores all your contacts so you just hop on the system once a month, write your content (or copy and paste from somewhere online…or have us write it for you), click on the design you like and voila.
  4. New Communication Tool: FREE
    A phenomenal new tool to use is a Live Chat system, which is free with our websites.
  5. Lead-Source Measurement: See below
    Unfortunately, the only way you can find out where your customers are coming from is by asking them. You can measure your social media activity and you can analyze your website’s traffic (see below), but only you can find out where your leads are coming from.
  6. Video: Time
    You have an iPhone with a fancy camera—use it. You can then upload the video right to YouTube from your phone (do it when you’re around wifi or it will eat your data plan). You then copy and paste the address into the website we created for you and voila!
  7. QR Codes: FREE
    There are tons of ways to get QR codes for free. The way we have for our customers is to have us setup a one-click QR code button, so that you can create QR codes for your listings, your entire website or one specific page. They’re unlimited. If you’re already doing QR codes and you want to vamp it up—check our
  8. New Business Cards: $?
    Most companies that print business cards will also design them for you, which means it only costs you the printing costs…which varies. If there isn’t a creative agency in your area—you can have us design them for you for a one-time fee of $40.
  9. Real Estate Branding: Varies
    If you do the other things on this list you’re already half-way there with your real estate branding. So, have your business cards match your website real estate branding, which should match your feature sheets ($50 if you have us design a re-usable template), which should match your Facebook Page (which can setup as a real estate branding-oriented, personalized page for $45).
  10. Start Social Media Marketing: Time
    Social media marketing just takes time…although there are companies you can pay to do it for you. Although, having said that…if you’re going to outsource your social networking—find a company that only does Social Media Marketing and it isn’t just a small side business they’ve setup to post bland content. Look for engagement.
  11. Engagement in SMM: Time
    There are tons of tools you can use for further engagement. Our favourite is HootSuite, which is free unless you want the super-advanced tools (which is $8.99/month)…but you won’t need those until you’re a little stronger with their existing set of free tools.
  12. Analyzing Online Strategy: FREE
    There are phenomenal analytics tools out there that give you easy-to-read graphs to help you find out where your leads come from .Facebook has its own built-in insights, and our favourite tool for your website is Google Analytics—the internet’s most-powerful, FREE analytics tool.
  13. iPad Tools: FREE – a couple dollars
    Many Realtors bought an iPad with the best of intentions—but now all you do is play Angry Birds and check your email. Unfortunately iPad productivity apps are too long to list here, so here’s some great ones to get you started: (Sorry to our Canadian customers,                  but it does have a US-based app on there)

  1. Listings on Third-Party Networks: FREE + Time
    Adding your listings to third-party networks is a decent way to get exposure, and all it costs is time. …Or does it? If you use DDF (Data Distribution Facility) instead of IDX, then you can select to automatically add your listings to third-party websites. This is a MAJOR time saver. But this isn’t the only benefit of DDF. Check out our product listing for DDF (which is a one-time fee of $89.95 to install on the websites we build for a one-time payment of $2500):



Prioritize your Real Estate Marketing Ideas in 2014

Now that you know what you want to do, and how much it costs you now need to prioritize which elements are the most important—and which ones you can afford with the real estate marketing budget you have. If you don’t have a marketing budget, figure one out now.


In our opinion… and this isn’t JUST self-serving for us, start with considering one of our super-professional, custom-looking websites for $2500. It will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars a year, which will free up much-needed marketing revenue for next year. After all, looking at the list above—how much could you do for $500-$1,000 a year? If you’re thinking ‘but most of those things were free?’…good question—but you may decide it is worth your time to spend the money you save on paying someone else to dot your I’s and cross your T’s to free up your time for selling.


The capital our websites free up aren’t the only reason to get our websites—we’ve got tons of them. The most important one however is that ALL of your online real estate marketing ideas and efforts all come back to your website. You send people back to the property listings on your website with QR codes, from your Social Media Marketing, your new business cards, your branding, your video, your email marketing AND your mobile strategy.


Your website is at the hub of it all—so start there. We’ll help you with the rest. And, if you haven’t bookmarked our blog yet, be sure to do so (even if you won’t become a customer) as it offers you tangible, actionable tips on how to succeed as a Realtor with top technologies.



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