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Funny Real Estate Ads — How to Create Listings that Truly Rock

Posted by robinkw on June 24, 2013
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Why aren’t there more real estate marketing funny real estate ads?

Have you been on MLS these days? (Rhetorical question—of course you have). Pretty boring stuff right? Well, if you’re sick of hearing about “5-lvl bksplits” and “needs TLC” and “close to public transportation”–you aren’t alone. Your public is sick of hearing about properties in the same old ways too.


So—shake things up a bit. Try using real estate marketing funny real estate ads, or at least more-interesting ones.


Consider the following headlines. Which one would you click-through


  1. “Beautiful 4-bedroom home in great neighbourhood”or
  2. “Pulchritudinous human dwelling in a *rockstar* location”or
  3. “Human-owned home—been only reasonably lived-in!”


Or these:


  1. “This lovely 4-bedroom home comes with a state-of-the-art kitchen and an upgraded bathroom”or
  2. “This 4-chambered mini mansion is equipped with a newfangled food-cooking room and enriched lavatory”


Another real estate marketing tip: try humour. Funny real estate ads get attention.


Consider the following real estate marketing tips of humorous signs and funny real estate ads and the attention they create:


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For more funny real estate ad examples click here.

So–have we stirred the pot yet and lit a fire under you to create original, attention-grabbing headlines and funny real estate ads that will get attention? If so, don’t bang your head against the desk for 4 hours trying to come up with something–just let us do it.  For $35 an ad it is definitely worth taking the aggravation off your plate.

Not convinced on the funny approach? No problem. We can do serious too. “This ultra-sleek, modernized home comes with a top-of-the-line kitchen complete with Moen faucets–and a bathroom that needs a TV just so you can spend more time in there”.

To spruce up your real estate ad listings–give us a shout, we can help.


Article Written By: Author: Robin