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Real Estate Marketing: How to Attract Young Buyers

Posted by robinkw on January 2, 2014
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Young buyers are an important percentage of the home-buying market—so your real estate marketing needs to cater (at least in part) to them. If you’re rolling your eyes thinking “yeah, easier said than done…mutter mutter…young punks…grumble grumble”–never fear…it’s easier than you think.

If you found this blog post randomly on the internet (*woohoo this proves our marketing is working!) and haven’t seen our website yet—check it out, then come back to this blog post.


Done? Great.

You likely noticed the ‘pow’ of our design. Clean lines, humour, a bright pop of colour (but not too much), integrated video, clear navigation, a responsive mobile design that shows brilliantly on mobile devices, the modern logo, etc. These are all geared towards a Web 2.0, younger audience…because if the technology and design can impress a young, technology-oriented agent…it will surely impress some of the *ahem* ‘progressive in years’ agents.

The truth is–if your marketing can impress even the young, hip kids–then everyone else will likely follow suit. Modern is good–to everyone. So, how can YOU do it?


Real Estate Marketing: How to Attract Young Buyers

To keep this simple we’ve come up with 3 somewhat simple things you can do to upgrade your real estate marketing to a 2.0 version that will impress the young crowd…

  1. Get Modern Headshots
    If you’re leaning on a sold sign, with teased hair, a screwed-on smile and a thumbs up—it’s time to update the pictures. So, ditch the ‘power poses’, 90’s brick cellphone pictures and other canned images. Get modern-looking headshots that show you out in the field—you know, actually working! Or, make this the year where you go for a funny approach and take a joke picture. Or—if those sound too risky, just get a modern picture, with bright colours or warm tones and a nice background (exposed brick always makes for good pictures). Outdoor headshots are always nice too—although this doesn’t always work well in Canadian winters.

  2. Social Media Marketing
    Every single young person is on Facebook. So, create a Facebook page with good, modern branding that shows your expertise in the business combined with your personality.

  3. Get a Stellar Website
    Every single young person will also Google you and check out your website. A dated website shows that you’re behind on technology—which is a huge detraction for the younger generation. It is a problem for them because technology is a big part of marketing these days, and they want to know that you use technology well and can do things like text, email and ‘chat’.

    So, ditch your old website that looks like it was created in the late 90s (and the template probably was!). Get a custom-branded website that is modern, and that truly represents your personality, approach and expertise. An example of a website we made that attracts young buyers is our niche website about condos for sale in Regina. This website’s overall look is catered to young buyers–which was a smart decision considering young people make up the majority of condo buyers in Regina (and other cities for that matter).

    If you’re worried that this all sounds too expensive and time-consuming. Headshots are a one-off cost and can be done fairly cheap (you can check Groupon for a photography deal if you want to save some cash), social media marketing is free (and fun!)–and our custom-branded websites are only $2500 and we do all the work!

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