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Real Estate Marketing Advice: Supercharge your Boring Business Cards

Posted by robinkw on February 4, 2014
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One of our best pieces of real estate marketing advice is this—make better business cards.

Business cards are a reality in real estate, but this dated technology needs a facelift. And let’s face it, they haven’t changed in decades even though the world around us has. If you’ve been wondering whether your paper (or plastic!) business cards are still beneficial to your real estate marketing strategy—this post is for you. Enter Infoduce.


Real Estate Marketing Advice: Get Infoduce

Infoduce is a phenomenal tool to bring your offline business online. This digital tool uses QR codes to link your business cards to the whole realm of your digital worlds. BUT, they aren’t just QR codes. Their QR codes can link to a number of things, including connecting them with your social profiles, your listings, your vcard, your website, your online resume and more!
real estate marketing advice infoduce for realtors

We recommend linking it to the following:


  1. Online Resume

    As a realtor your resume is your pedigree, so offer your potential customers a way to get to know your experience, niches and successes by connecting your Infoduce code to your resume. This can be via any online resume site or via LinkedIn.

  2. Your Vcard

    Having a potential client save you in their phone is huge—but it is cumbersome for them. Make the process easy by letting them save your info in the click of a button.

  3. Your Listings

    If you meet a potential client and want to show them your current property listings, then have them scan your card. You can link to your featured listings on your mobile-friendly website, to easily share your listings. IF you don’t have a mobile-friendly website with featured listings…let’s talk.

  4. Your Social Profiles

    Having someone connect with you on your social profiles is a great way to get in front of them daily—even if it is digitally.


Including the above 4 methods of real estate marketing right on your business card is a phenomenal way to connect with people in new ways—while breathing life into a boring old marketing method that the people you meet really don’t care about. The cold truth is that they either throw your card on the pile when they get home…or it doesn’t even make it that far before it ends up in a trash bin. So, heed our real estate marketing advice and check out Infoduce.



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