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WHY Real Estate Broker Websites Should Use WordPress…and Us!

Posted by robinkw on January 30, 2014
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We love WordPress for websites–including real estate broker websites. We love it for a number of reasons…it is powerful, it is quite user-friendly, it empowers its users to learn and grow—and it offers more functionalities than any other CMS. It of course has its downsides, like that not every single functionality works with every theme, and that it takes a decent amount of customization to make the website look like a rockstar. BUT—weighing the positives and negatives, the results shows exactly why real estate brokers should use WordPress for their brokerage’s website.

And here’s those reasons…

5 Reasons WHY Real Estate Brokers Should Use WordPress for their Website!


  1. Saving Money
    Hosting for WordPress is extremely cost effective. Even more so when compared to real estate websites companies who charge $50-$100 a month (or $600-$1,200 a year). Our websites are a low one-time cost, and then our hosting is just $120 a year—and this is for a custom-designed rockstar-quality website. *Note: the one-time cost includes custom branding and graphics and standard WordPress features–additional development work, content writing and searchable agent tables cost extra (the average cost for most development features is $100-$200).Hosting is the only money-saving feature…WordPress also saves website maintenance costs, as you can update the website yourself, you can create role-based permissions for other users you add (like admin assistants)–and you can save on professional costs. Our WordPress real estate websites, as an example, offer per-incident customer support for $25 for basic support requests.
  2. Plugins and Functionalities
    There are currently 28,794 plugins (as of the date of writing) in the WordPress repository. That’s almost 30,000 functionalities for your website. Of course, a number of these would be uninteresting for Realtors, some of them are duplicated in their functionalities and a small percentage may not work with the theme you chose. But—even if you narrow all that down you still have over 10,000 plugins/functionalities for your site.
  3. Affordable—High-Quality Design
    If you’ve ever priced-out the cost of custom-designed, custom-branded website then you know how truly expensive it can be. If you haven’t—it’s anywhere between $3,000-$10,000+…and you still have to pay monthly for your automatic MLS listings. For some of the bigger brokerages this is an affordable expense, but not all brokerages have hundreds of agents. For brokerages who don’t currently have that in the budget—there’s US! We offer semi-custom websites (they look custom but aren’t built they just aren’t created by code, from scratch) based on a powerful Content Management System platform that you can use yourself (we have free training videos and paid one-on-one training). They also offer clean , professional design. Checkout our portfolio to see!
  4. Featured Listings
    Our websites have tons of ways to feature listings, from adding them in the main slider (including a video!!) to cut and paste video posting to rotating featured listings on the homepage.
  5. Integrated Marketing and Technology Tools and Features
    Our websites offer tons of integrable marketing and technology tools—probably including most of the ones you already use now. This is because we leverage the world’s biggest Content Management System—which means pretty much every technology company caters to it and has tons of features. This includes live chat (which if you haven’t tried yet can be a phenomenal lead-generation tool once you get the swing of how not to scare people away), CRM, lead-capturing forms, squeeze pages, email-marketing integration and more!


So—if you’re a broker in the market for a website…let us know what you’re looking for and we can percolate some great ideas for your site!




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