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Real Estate Apps: MUST-HAVE…Cycloramic

Posted by robinkw on August 1, 2014
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We have the absolute, must-have real estate apps—and this one takes the virtual cake.

If you’re one of our followers then you know that we’ve already wrote about real estate apps—and about Cycloramic in particular…but it is SOOOO good we just can’t resist. In our opinion, every realtor should have this app. 


Real Estate Apps: Cycloramic

The Cycloramic app is the greatest app to happen in real estate since, well…ever. This is why we’re talking about it again. And in case that anyone missed it!
The Cycloramic is a photo and video app that wasn’t designed with real estate in mind but they quickly realized the important application within the real estate field. So much so that they created a Cycloramic website solely for real estate professionals, to show them how to best leverage the app within their business.

Cycloramic is pitching their app within real estate as a simple yet extremely tech-savvy way to offer an agent/owner photo and video solution—without scheduling photographer appointments.
real estate apps cycloramic


Real Estate Apps: Cycloramic FEATURES and BENEFITS

The Cycloramic app can offer you the following features and benefits:

  • 360-degree photos AND video
  • The ability to take panoramic photos from your smartphone
  • The ability to take ‘wide-angle lens’-style photos
  • The ability to upload pictures and videos to your website, easily
  • An extremely cost-effective solution (heck, it’s under $2!)
  • No need to buy any hardware other than your iPhone or other flat-bottomed smartphone (it has to be flat-bottomed for it to works)
  • It costs just $1.99!!!!! (At the time of writing this—this may go up in the future, but even if it was $10 it would still be the best app an agent could buy)


How to Use Cycloramic

The beauty of the Cycloramic app is that anybody an use it. No seriously, ANYBODY. All you have to do is download the app (and pay the $1.99). Then open the app, set it to either video or picture mode, then put your smartphone standing up on a flat surface. The app does the rest and seamlessly stitches the images or video. You can then upload the image or video to your email, website or other marketing material. Poof-easy as that!


Real Estate Apps Review: Cycloramic

Honestly, download the thing. It is phenomenal, and you’ll thank us. It is the best $2 you will have ever spent.