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REwebsites Case Studies from our real estate agent websites

  As it turns out we can do more than just real estate agent websites—who’d have thunk? For examples of some of the websites we make click here, and click here for pricing.   We’re also SEO samurais that can rise faster than global warming’s sea levels. Don’t believe us? No worries mate—we wouldn’t either…so here are the numbers:

Current status: #1 on Google average visitors per day: 63 average visitors per month: 1800 monthly searches for keyword: 390 (with ‘medium’ competition)


real estate agent websites 

What Does all this Mean? That, thanks to our stunning real estate agent websites design and SEO work, is top in its vertical—and captures more than 100% of internet traffic. How is that possible? That’s easy, it has built a solid following of viewers who return regularly.

Current status: page 3 on Google average visitors per day: 26 average visitors per month: 780 monthly searches for keyword: 18,000 (with ‘high’ competition)  

FIRST THEY WERE ALL LIKE…. real estate agent websites



real estate agent websites

 What Does all this Mean? is another one of our success stories. Since we began managing their web presence in February they have risen from page 28 on Google to page 3—and still rising, quickly. So quickly in fact they doubled their ranking, from 43 to 21 in just two months!  They now not only have over 700 visitors per mont–they also know how many they have. They’re truly getting their name ‘out there’.

In addition to handling their web presence they have now empowered us with creating their entire branding strategy, with business cards, feature sheets, flyers and other marketing materials that match their website’s and social media’s branding!  

Curious how we do things so well? Then check out our blog for some great real estate web design tips and tricks    

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