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Our Real Estate Websites: All The Ways We Can Save you Money

The number one reason to buy one of our real estate websites is for a more-professional image and strong online branding strategy. The second reason is money.

And we can save you a lot of it.

How Our Real Estate Websites Can Save you Money

Curious all the ways that our real estate websites (and our service) can save you money while boosting your online image? (Hey—we never said this wouldn’t be wildly self-promotional). Well here they are:


  1. We Save you $50 a Month on Website Fees
    Our average competitor charges $50 per month. While this ranges anywhere from $40 to $80, we feel that entire range is too expensive. That’s $600 per year. Every year. We charge you $2500, and that’s it. The only on-going fee is hosting, at a few dollars a month—and you can buy ours or another company’s hosting (…although we recommend ours, for obvious reasons).
  2. Email Marketing
    When we create our websites we can install FREE email-marketing software that can help work with your exiting email-marketing platform—or you can go with our recommended vendor MailChimp (which is also free).
  3. On your CRM
    We can make recommendations on CRMs, either built-in to your website or on its own platform that are free or cheaper than standard industry solutions like Top Producer. TP is of course about $50 a month because the real estate services industry apparently loves round numbers.
  4. Branded Marketing Materials
    We can easily take a snap shot of the banner we create for your website, and send it to you as a free graphic to use on all your marketing materials so that you have across-the-board branding, without paying a graphic artist or printing company to create it. Using your banner image across your open house handouts, Facebook Page, LinkedIn page, letterhead and more. Versatile huh?

Our websites are so much more than just websites—they’re money savers! And while this may seem too good to be true we will point you towards so many high-quality, low-price (mostly free) technologies that you’ll think that you’ve died and gone to that big internet in the sky.

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