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Our Message to Canada’s Youth: If you Want to Succeed–Learn to Code

Posted by robinkw on December 18, 2013
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They say that learning a new language opens up neural pathways and teaches your brain ‘how to learn’. And it does.

So does coding. 

Check out this phenomenal video from,  of a number of tech billionaires, entrepreneurs, coders and even an NBA all star. Coding teaches you critical problem-solving skills. It also sets you up for a lifetime of success. 

If you want to set your child up for success–teach them to code. Or, simply send them to (since, sadly, coding isn’t available in the majority of Canadian schools). 

Oh, and by the way–there are over a million high-paying, upwardly-mobile jobs in North America that go unfulfilled (or filled with applicants from other countries) every year. So, the next time you hear a hipster in a Starbucks complaining they can’t find a job–hand them a hand-written note with “” on it. 



Help us, share the message. 



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