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Niche Realtor Websites

Niche Realtor websites may be the solution that you didn’t know you were looking for.


Ask yourself something–what is your goal for you Realtor websites? Is it to showcase you as agent? Is it to get leads? Is it both?  Most agents would say both–however this isn’t necessarily the best approach to real estate website design.

Niche Realtor websites are sites that aren’t branded (with glossy pictures of yourself and 12 reasons why you’re the best agent in town) get significantly more leads than agent-oriented websites. Perhaps the public is a little afraid of Realtors.




What Is a Niche Real Estate Website Design?

A niche real estate website design is a website that posts information within a specific niche, like condos, luxury homes, green/eco homes, etc. They are information portals for those are looking for niche homes in their area. These websites are focused on attracting homebuyers within a certain niche–and are focused on getting their contact information…in a non-obvious way.

If you’re a Realtor who is focused on lead generation–and not necessarily on having your photo all over a website–then a niche website may be a great option.




How to Get Niche Realtor Websites

Designing a niche real estate website design is a different beast than creating a templated Realtor website. The good news is–it’s (relatively) easy. They involve the initial design–and then on-going SEO efforts…both of which we can help you with .

Here at Real Estate Websites Canada (street name: REwebsites) we design niche realtor websites for the same price as branded websites. The added cost of niche websites is in their promotion–which is a critical element to lead generation. Navigate to our SEO page for the on-going marketing costs of websites.


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Types of Niche Real Estate Websites

There are a number of types of niche websites available–however some of these are only practical in larger markets:



  • ·  Neighourhood-based/Community-based
  • ·  Condos/Lofts
  • ·  Luxury Homes
  • ·  Luxury Townhomes
  • ·  Farms
  • ·  Heritage Homes
  • ·  Townhomes
  • ·  First-Time Homebuyers


  • ·  Investment properties
  • ·  Cottages and Second Homes
  • ·  New construction
  • ·  Lakefront/Waterfront/Oceanfront homes
  • ·  Downsizers
  • ·  Distressed properties
  • ·  Gay/Lesbian market
  • ·  Eco-friendly/Green homes


  • ·  Military relocations
  • ·  Second-language-based clients
  • ·  Multi-family
  • ·  Rentals
  • ·  Foreclosures
  • ·  Rental properties
  • ·  University-adjacent properties
  • ·  Relocation