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Mobile Real Estate Websites: 7 Kick-*ss Reasons Why You Need One

Posted by robinkw on August 24, 2013
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Real Estate Marketing: Mobile Real Estate Websites–you NEED one. Really.

Constantly hearing about “mobile, mobile, mobile” sounds like an annoying Brady-Bunch-like cry from Jan about constantly hearing about the need for a mobile website. But—there’s a reason you’re hearing this, you REALLY DO need a our real estate marketing tip to leverage a mobile real estate website, and here’s 7 reasons why:

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  1. Half your Market
    The smartphone has penetrated the market to hold a 56% share. So, that is up to 56% of your potential customers accessing you from a mobile device. Perhaps this makes the real question is do you need a non-mobile site? (Of course you do, but mobile is just as important).real estate marketing tip
  2. Click-to-Call
    We’re a lazy generation thanks to there being an app for everything, and mobile websites indulge our general laziness. Withmobile-integrated features like click-to-call buttons it makes it easier for your potential clients to get a hold of you. So, unless you want to miss out on possible leads—go mobile.
  3. First Impression Blah Blah Blah
    You only get one chance to make a first impression might make your eyes roll, but its still utterly true. A Latitude Marketing study shows that, “61% of people have a better opinion of brands when they offer a good experience”. And of those 61%, if they don’t like your mobile site they’ll surf around to your competitors until they find one they like. So, boost your mobile  real estate website—boost your brand.

  4. Why the Heck Not
    Even if only a quarter of your potential customers connect with you on their mobile device (and the stats say this is an insanely modest figure)–why NOT make it easy real estate marketing tip or them since a mobile website is extremely affordable these days. If you’re laying out a couple hundred dollars just to publish an ad in a paper or magazine or Pay-Per-Click—then why not invest the same in a mobile-friendly website?
  5. Keeping Up with the Joneses
    Many of your competitors have mobile websites already. Mobile websites therefore are no longer a fringe benefit for first-advantage movers, they are a simple tool you need to employ to keep up with your competition.
  6. A Bolder Statement real estate marketing tip A slick mobile website says that you work hard on your brand image and properly leverage technology. It instills confidence in your viewers. If you don’t believe us look at a bunch of different agents’ websites online, some with mobile-friendly sites and some without them—which agent is more impressive based on those sites (and many of your potential clients will get their sole impression of you based on this site).
  7. QR Codes
    You can’t hop on the trend of using QR codes if you don’t have a mobile website—because they are using their mobile device to scan your QR code. So, no mobile website—no QR code.

Should you need even more reasons to get your mobile website, here’s 50 more.

If you’re sold on our real estate marketing tip to create a mobile real estate website, give us a call…or email…or snail mail if you’re old school…or smoke-signal if your real old school.


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