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Managed Lead Services


Our managed lead services take our lead-gen tools—and put them into hyperdrive. They truly take lead generation to another level, by adding quantitative intelligence through A/B testing and critical analysis.


What ARE Managed Lead Services

Managed Lead Services (our apologies for the acronym…MLS) examine traffic levels and previous lead generation numbers to determine your lead-acquisition percentage—and boost it through A/B testing. This empowers agents who are doing online marketing efforts—like Pay Per Click (PPC), SEO or Facebook marketing—to leverage this number to make their existing marketing more productive. When you combine your existing paid online marketing numbers with this lead acceleration you can get an exact lead-acquisition cost…and then you simply pour more gas on the fire.

a:b testing for real estate websites


What’s Included

Included in our monthly MLS is:

  • •  A/B testing
  • •  Traffic analysis
  • •  Lead summary
  • •  Lead vs traffic acquisition %
  • •  Recommendations for improved lead generation techniques

What is A/B Testing

A/B testing essentially shows lead-gen form A to one visitor, and lead-gen B to another visitor. By showing two variations of your lead-gen forms to segments (50%/50% for example) of your visitors you can ‘test’ to see which performs better. By continually improving your lead-gen tools you can increase the amount of leads you get.

As an example, form A may have a lead-acquisition rate of 2.41%, and form B 5.34%. You would then continue with form B, and test it against another option, until you raise your percentage even higher.

Using an A/B testing strategy is critical to lead generation as it’s the opposite of the ‘throwing it against the wall to see what sticks’ approach. It’s lead generation–done scientifically.