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How to Manage your Real Estate Online Reputation

Posted by robinkw on May 18, 2014
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A real estate online reputation is SUPER important these days. Know that your potential customers who aren’t coming to you from a referral ARE checking your reputation online. Google is a powerful tool—both for you and for your potential customers.


Great—now what?


Managing your Real Estate Online Reputation

Of course the best way to maintain your real estate online reputation is to be a good agent that your clients love. It’s also a way to get money-making referrals. BUT—there’s always one client unhappy with their deal or another agent jealous of your success, which is why you need to manage your reputation online.


There are a few ways to actively manage your online reputation…


Real Estate Online Reputation Management: Reviews
This one is a little tricky as there are tons of review sites on the internet—but Google makes this extremely easy to find…simply Google (don’t you love how this is a verb now?) your full name. If no reviews come up then ask some of your previous clients if they could post some. If there are negative reviews, there’s nothing you can do to take them down, but you can often post a kind response to them. Now, the internet is a battle ground and there will always be some bad reviews mixed in with the good, but just make sure that you have more positive than negative. Have your real past clients post honest reviews of you, as they will come across as significantly more genuine.


Real Estate Online Reputation Management: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great way to build a solid reputation online as you can have real people make real reviews and recommend you for skills that you list on your profile. The person making the recommendation will have their name show up as recommending you, which will link to their profile—offering up an excellent level of authenticity.



Real Estate Online Reputation Management: Google Alerts!
Now that you’ve managed the current state of your real estate online reputation—set yourself up to actively manage it in the future by creating a Google Alert for your name. A Google Alert will send you an email every time your name is mentioned on the web, which is basically a ‘heads up’ that your reputation has been added to. Be aware of course that if your name is relatively generic, like ‘John Smith’, then you’re going to get emailed with a bunch of alerts for other people.