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LinkedIn for Real Estate Agents—What the…?

Posted by robinkw on November 17, 2013
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LinkedIn for Real Estate Agents…

So. Does LinkedIn for real estate agents matter for real estate agents? Our frustrating-yet-definitive answer is…sort of.

Ah you’re still reading. Good news for us.

The complex answer to whether LinkedIn matters for real estate agents of yes and no is an ambivalent answer because LinkedIn is somewhat of an ambivalent social network. It’s not Facebook, and it never will be—but it does matter, sort of.

LinkedIn for Real Estate Agents

The best way to think of LinkedIn for real estate agents is to consider it an online resume. It provides you with a chance to truly shine.

 To break that down a little further, here at the things you can highlight with a LinkedIn profile (scroll below for how to easily create one):

  1. Experience
    Of course, on a resume that is searchable by anyone who Google’s you (if you’re experienced) should be your experience. So, highlight how long you’ve been in the business and all the experience you’ve gained.
  2. Accolades and Awards
    If you’ve won any sales awards, community awards or other accolades that earn you bragging rights—then brag.
  3. Trainings
    You’re required to do a number of trainings every year to maintain your license, so put those on your LinkedIn profile.
  4. Associations
    If you belong to any Realtor associations, boards of trade or other professional organizations then let the public know about it on your LinkedIn profile. If they have a LinkedIn group then link to the group to add extra legitimacy.
    Testimonials is the true piece-de-resistance of LinkedIn as you can add legitimate testimonials. Every testimonial and endorsement links back to the user’s profile, showing to the public that these true testimonials (as opposed to the simple text put on websites).
  6. Networks
    You can build a network of contacts, either existing or new, of contractors and service providers that can help out your clients, including: movers, mortgage brokers, home inspectors, etc.


If you can do all the above with your LinkedIn profile then you’re well on your way to using LinkedIn as a social network.


LinkedIn: A How-To

Setting up a profile on LinkedIn is a set-it-and-forget-it solution. You set it up and then you simply respond to messages that you get and ‘friend’ requests (or not). Setting up a profile is relatively easy and can be done within about half an hour.


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