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Keyword-Rich Blog Topics for Realtors..and Other Advice

Posted by robinkw on September 14, 2013
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Keyword-Rich Blog Topics for realtors…and other random advice we tacked on last minute…

Blog topics are endless….blogging is easy…the sky is the limit…yadda yadda.

If you’re sick of generic advice about how easy and effective blogging is then you are in the right place—because we’re here to tell you it ain’t easy and it ain’t always effective.

Use Yoast

Leveraging our usual got-your-back-Jack philosophy, here’s our first tip: install the Yoast! SEO tool. It will tell you when your blog is SEO-worthy—with an easy to read red-light, yellow-light or green-light system. It literally couldn’t be easier. If you get the dreaded yellow or red (eek!), it gives you a list of things to do to move to green. Without this plugin tool you may be blogging without a specific purpose.

Pick Yo’ Keywords

Choose keyword-rich blog topics. To begin this, check out our blog post on keywords for real estate agents.

Keyword-Rich Blog Topics for Realtors..and Other AdviceCome up with Some Blog Topics…or Let us Do it For You
If you’d prefer we come up with your blog topics for you…here they are—and you’re welcome. (Note that ‘Bummsville’ should be replaced with your city’s name). (Second note: the numbers are generic placeholders—but people are 7-times more likely to read a blog post in a list form)

  1. Neighbourhood Reviews (using each neighbourhood name as your keyword…this should give you at least ten blog topics)

  2. A News Review (about a trending topic related to one of your keywords)

  3. Commentary regarding a local news story (again using one of your keywords)

  4. 10 Fun Facts about Bummsville

  5. 7 Things Only Locals Know About Bummsville

  6. 5 Secret Spots in Bummsville

  7. How to Find a Realtor in Bummsville

  8. 11 Reasons Why I am the Best Real Estate Agent in Bummsville

  9. Why I am YOUR Realtor in Bummsville

  10. 15 Tips for Selling your Home in Bummsville

  11. How to Sell your Home in Bummsville

  12. Quick Sale: How to Sell your Home in Bummsville

  13. 4 Creative Ways to Sell your House in Bummsville

  14. Home Selling Tips for BummsvilliansKeyword-Rich Blog Topics for Realtors..and Other Advice

  15. Marketing your Home in Bummsville: a How-To

  16. Staging your Home to Sell: Home-Marketing Tips in Bummsville

  17. How to Benefits from Foreclosures in Bummsville

  18. Short Sales: How to Leverage them for Real Estate Success

  19. Foreclosure or Short Sale: Where to Invest in Real Estate

  20. 12 Common For Sale By Owner Mistakes in Bummsville

  21. 11 Common Mistakes that FSBO Make in Bummsville

  22. Sell your Own Home: Are YOU Ready?

  23. 21 Tips to Sell your Home Quickly

  24. Short Selling a Home Tips

  25. Home Buying Tips for Bummsvillians

  26. Real Estate Listings in Bummsville

  27. Find Real Estate in Bummsville: A How-To

  28. Bummsville Houses for Sale: What to Look For

  29. Best Townhomes for Sale in Bummsville

  30. The Top MLS Listings in Bummsville

  31. When to Buy a Home in Bummsville

  32. How to Buy a Home in Bummsville

  33. 13 Tips for Homebuyers in Bummsville

  34. Real Estate Market Update for Bummsville Q3

If you didn’t know about Yoast, the top keywords or blog topics—what else don’t you know that you don’t know? Follow our blog to find out other ways to blog better, and build a better online presence. If you can’t wait for our next blog—get us on the phone and we can help you out. 

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