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What IS Jetpack for Real Estate Website Design?

Posted by robinkw on January 12, 2014
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If you’re using one of our rockstar websites and have seen the ‘Jetpack; option on the menu—this post is for you.


Jetpack for Real Estate Website Design

Jetpack is a powerful set of tools all lumped into one installation that allows you to do a huge number of things with your WordPress-based real estate website design. These features are:


    1. Stats (helps monitor website traffic)
    2. Notifications (find out about changes and website stats in your browser toolbar)
    3. Publicize (send your new content automatically to your social profiles)
    4. Jetpack Comments (a system so users can comment on your website)
    5. Subscriptions (lets users subscribe to your website content)
    7. Likes (helps you promote your content to get more Facebook Likes)
    8. Carousel (an awesome way to display images)
    9. Sharing (allows your users to share your content)
    10. Spelling and Grammar (not a well speeler?–get this feature!)
    11. VaultPress (online backup…but we can recommend a free version)real estate website design jetpack 5
    12. Omnisearch (a powerful search tool)
    13. Gravatar Hovercards (useless in our opinion)
    14. Contact Form (a nice-looking contact form option)
    15. Shortlinks (creates short links)
    16. Google+ Profile (link your content to your Google+ profile)
    17. Tiled Galleries (another beautiful way to display images
    18. Widget Visibility (more website widgets)
    19. Mobile Theme (a nice mobile tool if your website isn’t responsive to begin with)
    20. Shortcode Embeds (…this is a web design thing)
    21. Custom CSS (another web design thing)
    22. Extra Sidebar Widgets (even more widgets! Yay!)
    23. Infinite Scroll (instead of making peopel click “page 2” then “page 3”, they can just scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll)
    24. Photon (helps load images faster)
    25. Jetpack Single Sign On (a powerful sign-in tool if your website has a sign-in area)
    26. Monitor website stats (helps monitor your viewers)
    27. Mobile Push Notifications (if there are changes or notifications from your website—this tool will tell you)
    28. JSON API (cloud-based access)
    29. Enhanced Distribution (better share your content in Google)


So—some of the above functions are somewhat useless for real estate website design, but others are truly amazing. And of course…they’re all FREE, so why the heck not, right?


For reasons why you should use some of these features—and to find out which ones are our personal favs…click here.


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