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Infographics for Real Estate: How to Do Things DIFFERENT and Get Noticed!

Posted by robinkw on May 25, 2014
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The amount of agent materials printed every year could probably stretch across the country—but this year do something different by using infographics for real estate. Infographics for real estate are a great way to truly stand out with your marketing materials. And after all—the goal of your marketing materials is to be memorable!

infographics for real estate



infographics for real estate 2


infographics for real estate 3


infographics for real estate 4



infographics for real estate 5

If you’re unsure about how effective an infographic would be—check out how well the information is displayed on the infographics for real estate displayed below (and compare them to your current marketing materials’ effectiveness!)…


Infographics for Real Estate: the What and How?

So—infographics for real estate are a great way to stick in the mind of potential clients, whether it be open house handouts or viral social media posting, but what exactly can you put on your infographic? Well, here’s a few ideas:


  1. Neighbourhood highlights
  2. Market information
  3. ‘Why to use ME as your Realtor’
  4. Home prices over time per housing type of geographic area
  5. Brokerage information
  6. The mortgage process
  7. How to increase your home’s value
  8. How to find a home that will maintain or raise in value
  9. When you should sell your home
  10. 10. Top ways to market a home a



So—ready to supercharge your marketing campaign with an infographic? Great, however, we should add one thing…they aren’t cheap. But, they are a great investment. Keep in mind while pricing infographics for real estate that you will be able to re-use them for years to come…with the exception of market-specific information that is timely (however these can be easily updated on the cheap).