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People searching for real estate on Google are ready to sell or buy.

If our FB lead gen program is our customer favourite–why do we have Google Pay Per Click for Realtors (PPC)? Simply put, the Facebook lead-gen program catches people earlier on in the cycle with a lower cost per lead (averaging between $5-$8 per lead). The Google PPC for Realtors is for those who have more time than money to spend, and want leads that convert quicker and to call less leads to get a client. This program delivers leads based on local real estate keywords for between $15-$25 on average.

When your ad is displayed on Google people click to one of our high-converting landing pages to become a lead. OR, you can leverage one of our click-to-call campaigns focused on converting mobile users (note–you need to have a decent response rate by phone for this program to convert well, or at least a reasonable follow up time).