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Attack your leads–like a (likeable!) warrior.

Our Facebook lead gen program for Realtors delivers leads. But to turn that into ROI you need to convert those leads into meetings, then clients. Some experienced converters can convert our leads right out of the gate…but even many of those know that some hands-on training is always a plus–to continually learn how to do things better.

One of our high converting clients has generously offered to do a training program so that people can turn out leads into wild success.

This training program includes:

⊳ An hour-long (sometimes a little over an hour) group training on some of the psychology of what to say and when, questions to ask, silences to leverage, and a closing techniques that turns a call into a meeting.

⊳Two short one-on-ones post training (once you’ve had some time to try the techniques in the initial training), to tighten up your pitch.

We can’t recommend this training more highly. You’ll be spending about $500/month+ on this program…but this $150 will be the best money you’ve ever spent.