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The LAST Social Media & Marketing Package you’ll ever need!…

Our Facebook Lead Gen program for Realtors delivers leads…but it doesn’t build your online brand.

Lead Generation is one thing. Building a strong brand online, a following then fuelling engagement is another. Enter Kelly Marie, of Social Redefined Society. We’ve partnered with Kelly’s incredible organic marketing platform to cover the side of social media that our lead-gen program doesn’t–branding and posting. And it’s an exclusive platform.

Kelly will work closely with you for 120 minutes a month to help you develop an incredible brand online, across Facebook and Instagram. You’ll also get access to her online platform that offers not only more great tips but also content calendars (something amazing to post each day!), exclusive content, branding tools, mindset and more.

With this program, you’ll not only get leads, but develop the brand that truly represents you and what you’re about. Because your business IS your brand…