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Have you ever wanted leads to reach out to you? Then you need Facebook Messenger Ads.

FB Messenger ads are a way to have people on Facebook reach out to you by sending you a message based on seeing an ad of yours. And it is a real person, with their real Facebook profile.


Facebook Messenger ads can be one or both of the ads included in our standard ad program.

FB Messenger Ad Highlights

#1  They can connect directly with you, immediately. And your response goes right to the inbox that they check everyday

 #2. You have an open talking connection with them , and for them it’s non-threatening. AND it is a continuous line of communication open.

#3. You know it is a real person you’re talking to as they have to have a FB profile to respond (there’s no putting in fake information!).

‘Will someone responding to my ad on FB messenger be ready to buy and sell?’ Oh heck no…BUT you know that it’s a real person and that they have an interest in it and have opened up a channel to speak with you. These aren’t people ready to buy or sell, but you have an open connection to convert that lead.

‘Will they convert?’ That is up to you. If you answer something terrifying like ‘Hi, I want to come to your house and list your property Wednesday’…then probably not. But if you just have a genuine conversation with them and find out what their needs are and then work towards that then yes you will convert some of them (however you need to convert it to a phone call at the least or in-person meeting at the most). This will take a number of tries to figure out, but you’ll get there—and we can help you with that!

BUT, it will deliver leads right to your inbox who are engaged in a conversation with you. From there, it’s up to you to work those leads baby!