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Establish yourself as an expert in your area…

Facebook groups are an amazing way to do a few of things…

#1  Increase your followers

 #2. Branding

#3. Establish yourself as an expert

#4 Market to a specific community

How do Facebook groups do all these things? Simple, it has hundreds or thousands of people in your desired community get to know your name, then it shows them how much you care about the community, how involved you are in it, more about you (branding), and establishes you as the go-to expert. You can use these connections to grow your personal friends list (if you’d like) , or begin promoting yourself in the group (once established) in order to gain leads then business.

The costs depend on whether you need a one-time setup just to get you started, or on-going support to help you build the group and convert leads from it.

$325 one-time setup

Setup includes: market research to determine the best group concept in your area, group setup, group branding, posting category ideas, creation and scheduling of the first 10 posts and initial strategy to grow the group.

For some the initial setup may be enough to get them rocking and rolling. Others may need on-going support to guide them through the process…

Optional Service: 

$50/month for overall guidance (not including posting or monitoring)

$150/month for posts (1/day) and analytics monitoring

$350/month for posts (2/day), monitoring, growth strategy and implementation, self promotion strategizing and implementation