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Email Marketing for Realtors: BombBomb VIDEO Email Marketing

Posted by robinkw on December 22, 2013
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There are two huge explosions in online marketing—video, and email marketing for Realtors. Well, BombBomb is a double threat. BombBomb offers email marketing with integrated video, which can help you take your video marketing to the next level.

Email Marketing for Realtors


Email Marketing for Realtors –with Video: The Reality

So, is BombBomb as fantastic as it sounds? Our quick answer: it sounds awesome. The only

caveat is that while we generally offer free or near-free technologies and this one isn’t free. BUT—if you do email marketing this is DEFINITELY worth the investment.



Coming back to price, the service costs between $25-37 per month (depending on how many users you send to and if you purchase month-to-month or a year at once). When you consider that the high-quality email marketing program we recommend to our clients (OK—to everyone, not JUST our clients) is free—and our clients aren’t paying expensive monthly fees for their website—they can have a rockstar website, an awesome video, email marketing—and integrate video for just $25 a month.

Bombbomb offers you the following features: 


  • Email templates for beautiful emails
  • Contact list management tools
  • High deliverability rates
  • Scheduled sending so that you can script emails when you’re not busy but send them one a regular schedule
  • Analytics to measure the success of your marketing campaigns
  • And a handy email editor



Oh, and by the way—we have no affiliation with BombBomb, it is just a great product at a very realistic price point.



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