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Are you farming a neighbourhood? If you are spending time knocking on doors, and money on mailers, you absolutely should be doing a digital component to that. One digital component is creating a Facebook Group for that community—however it may or may not have enough of a population to support a group. But one thing EVERY agent that is farming an area should be doing, is a digital ad component.

Digital Farming Ads are an amazing way to do a few of things…

#1.  Have a touch point between door knocking efforts

 #2. Branding

#3. Generate Leads

#4. Open Up a Line of Communication

Running a Facebook ad to your farming area is a way to not only strengthen your branding in the neighbourhood, it also gives you another touch point between mailers and door knocking—while providing leads! You can get leads while you’re working other deals, hosting open houses, spending time with your family and even while you’re sleeping. The leads can come in via email (with the contacts’ name, email and phone number) or via a FB messenger chat.

And…it doesn’t cost much.

$179 one-time setup

You pay $179 one-time and you have an ad to run to your farming area over months or years, you simply pay FB to keep it rolling.  Your maximum ad spend per month would be $150—and you would be branding yourself and getting people to talk to. All for a fraction of a mailout.

So…why aren’t you doing a digital component to your offline farming strategy?