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CREA’s Data Distribution Facility — DDF

The Data Distribution Facility–or more easily-known as DDF–is a brilliant work of digital art created by the Canadian Real Estate Association (street name: CREA). While the technical side of it is truly coding art–the concept of it is simple: it displays automatic MLS listings on your real estate website design.

But wait? Doesn’t IDX do that?

Yes, yes it does. IDX is the original MLS listing system. It is a data feed (like DDF) created by each individual real estate board. CREA is the national version of IDX–with a few more bells and whistles. DDF however is still in its infancy, having just come out recently (which is why you may have not heard of it)…but it’s going places.

Since CREA’s Data Distribution Feed (DDF) is nation-wide, they are able to build their technology on a larger, national platform–which empowers them to add dynamic features like Google Streetview, WalkScore and more.


Want to See it in Action?


Live DDF Feed Example


Map Example


So–What IS the Difference Between IDX and DDF?

The difference between IDX and DDF for the average agent? Well, there isn’t a real discernible difference without going into the technicality of it. Rather than making agents’ eyes roll into the back of their head out of boredom–we’ll simply put this link to CREA’s DDF technical specs here.

How Does DDF Work?

DDF is simple, it pulls listings from the national pool and puts it into a data feed. We incorporate this feed into your real estate website design using a piece of software, which will automatically scan CREA every day to find new listings and remove old ones. Our tool also offers map-based interactive displays, search, Walk Score, social media sharing buttons, property slideshows, mobile displays, Google maps and more. The best part is–our tool is 100% CREA compliant (and if you’ve gone over the rules for automatic listing displays–you’ll understand how complex that phrase really is).