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Why Many Realtors Are Catering Their Websites to Women

Jul 25, 2014
A Realtor recently commented to us that our websites are…”a little girly”. Our response is that maybe they ...
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Video Marketing Statistics for Real Estate: And Why it is Time to Start Using Video!!!

Jul 20, 2014
If you haven’t seen the latest video marketing statistics for real estate—thank goodness you’re here. You may be ...
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Real Estate Marketing for Websites: How to Become Famous…with Google!

Jul 02, 2014
Many Canadian Realtors ask us—“how do I become well-known with Google”. We say—with real estate marketing for websites. ...
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Real Estate Online Marketing–5 CAN’T MISS TIPS

Jun 15, 2014
Real estate online marketing is a tough cookie to crumble. And as it should be—you’re not an online ...
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Reasons YOU NEED Live Chat on your Real Estate Website

Jun 09, 2014
The real-estate web community seems to be split on whether a real estate website can benefit from live ...
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Infographics for Real Estate: How to Do Things DIFFERENT and Get Noticed!

May 25, 2014
The amount of agent materials printed every year could probably stretch across the country—but this year do something ...
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How to Manage your Real Estate Online Reputation

May 18, 2014
A real estate online reputation is SUPER important these days. Know that your potential customers who aren’t coming ...
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Real Estate Email Marketing: How to Do it RIGHT

Apr 01, 2014
Real Estate email marketing is like a banana–it can turn bad, real quick. This is, unfortunately, a regular ...
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Real Estate Online Marketing: Why you Should Create CUSTOM Listings with ‘Featured L...

Mar 07, 2014
When it comes to Real Estate Online Marketing and real estate SEO—don’t blog…create featured listings. Well, blog too—if ...
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Real Estate Video Marketing: From your Smartphone!!

Mar 01, 2014
Real estate video marketing isn’t anywhere near as hard as you think! When we build our real estate ...
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