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What IS Jetpack for Real Estate Website Design?

Jan 12, 2014
If you’re using one of our rockstar websites and have seen the ‘Jetpack; option on the menu—this post ...
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An Awesome Way to Structure your 2014 New Year’s Resolution: from Google’s Mat...

Jan 01, 2014
If you’re looking for a good way to make actionable, tangible change(s) this year–I think Google’s Matt Cutts ...
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Realtor 2014 Resolution: Get More Technology

Dec 26, 2013
Many of the Realtors we talk to—as a 2014 Realtor resolution or not—want to leverage technology better. Great…but ...
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Real Estate Technology: Clear the Clutter in your Office with NeatDesk

Dec 23, 2013
Real Estate Technology — If your new years resolution is to (finally) declutter your desk…boy do we have ...
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Email Marketing for Realtors: BombBomb VIDEO Email Marketing

Dec 22, 2013
There are two huge explosions in online marketing—video, and email marketing for Realtors. Well, BombBomb is a double ...
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Real Estate Websites: How to Use WordPress (aka We Told you It Was Easy!)

Dec 19, 2013
So, you’ve purchased one of our real estate websites–or you’re thinking of purchasing one of our customized real ...
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Our Message to Canada’s Youth: If you Want to Succeed–Learn to Code

Dec 18, 2013
  They say that learning a new language opens up neural pathways and teaches your brain ‘how to ...
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Save hundreds of hours online with these tech tips…

Dec 17, 2013
Tech Tips for Realtors:  Don’t Miss David Pogue’s TED TALK If you guys haven’t checked out TED talks ...
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Real Estate Technology Tip: Get a Virtual Assistant

Dec 17, 2013
How’s this for a real estate technology tip: get some one else to do the work… You’re busy—we ...
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Real Estate Technology Review: Prezi Presentation Software

Dec 16, 2013
For some of you old-school agents out there, Prezi is real estate technology which is doing for presentations ...
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