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CardMunch: The Handy Solution to Business Card Overload

Posted by robinkw on December 14, 2013
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If you’ve experienced the dreaded ‘Business Card Overload’ syndrome—which is especially prevalent after open houses and showings, know that there’s a techy fix for that: CardMunch.

Actually, there’s a techy fix for everything now. (If you’re looking for a techy fix to another issue—use the live chat below to ask us—we’ve got endless techy-fix suggestions).

Enter CardMunch

Cardmunch is a FREE downloadable app from the networking geniuses over at LinkedIn that allows you to take a picture of a business card with your smartphone. The little gnomes on the LinkedIn servers then read the text on the card and then insert it into your smartphone. It can even read hand-written text that someone has scrawled as a personal note.


You can set a push notifications to give you a notice that the app has done its job and the contact information on the card is now available in your digital database.

Now, CardMunch isn’t the first—or only—business-card reader on the market, but it’s the best. For example, there is another competitor called Bump, but it requires both parties to have the app—which is like walking around randomly looking for someone with the same car as you, so hopeless. Competitors also aren’t as accurate as CardMunch…so just stick with the best.

The good news is that as-per-usual the iPhone crowd are well-served by the app as it is available for download in the App Store. Blackberry and Android users however are going to have to wait, as LinkedIn says they currently have those apps in development. As of right now there is no date that LinkedIn is planning on releasing the app.


Take CardMunch One Step Further: A Productivity Boost

CardMunch all by its lonesome is already an awesome tool, but we’ve got an extra tip for you. In the app’s settings tab you can create a sample email template that will allow you to send a follow-up email to contact that you meet. By setting this up you can make a follow-up hello your strategy after each and every time you meet a new contact.


Another productivity boost is to forward all your contacts to your CRM database, along with your notes from your initial meeting with the contact.


If you’ve been putting effort into your LinkedIn networking then use the app to send a “quick connect” request to connect to the new contact on your LinkedIn profile.

Final Tip

If you meet your new contact at an open house, use the initial contact email to send them a link to the property listing on your fancy shmancy new branded website. If you don’t have a fancy-shmancy new website…let’s talk.  
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