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Why Many Realtors Are Catering Their Websites to Women

Posted by robinkw on July 25, 2014
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A Realtor recently commented to us that our websites are…”a little girly”. Our response is that maybe they aren’t girly enough.

The reason we responded that way is that Realtors SHOULD be catering their websites towards women (at least in part). And there are a couple of ‘girly’ reasons why…

Why YOU Should Build your Website for Women

So, there is more than one reason why you should build your website with women in mind…

1. ‘There is One Person Right in a Marriage—the other person is the husband’

While the above may have inspired a giggle…or rage…most married couples would nod their head in agreement. In a typical relationship the woman is often the one doing research on a Realtor and on available homes. This means that the woman in a relationship has a large influence on both the home they choose and the Realtor they use. So, cater to this.

What this means for your website, is that it should have a design that appeals to women. This doesn’t mean ‘girly’ necessarily, but super-aggressive Realtor images and hard colours like blacks and reds likely won’t appeal to them. Also, cater the content on your website towards a female perspective. Be empathetic and by aggressive but approachable. But of course balance it with facts, figures, and stats that will appeal to men as well.

2. The Number of Single Women Buying Homes is Skyrocketing

Homebuyers in North America consist of over 20% single women. So, not only are married couples influenced heavily by the woman, but 1/5th of your market is also single women.


So—Women Huh?

Whether you want to target the 20% of homebuyers that are single women, or couples looking for homes that have the woman doing a large percentage of the home-searching work—catering your real estate website towards women is simply a good idea.

For some inspiration on content and design that will appeal to women—simply ask us.