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7 Actually Useful (and FREE) Plugins for Real Estate Websites

Posted by robinkw on September 4, 2013
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Plugins for Real Estate Webmasters

Alright peeps—we’ve put together a mad-wicked-terrible(?)-off-the-hizzle list of whack (is this good?) functionalities that your realtor website can benefit from. And all these functionalities are available with free WordPress plugins. Why all WordPress? Because we love them. They are fly, dope, fresh, chill and most importantly—easy enough for almost every (you know who you are) realtor to use.   Oh, and we’ve left out the standard I-just-need-to-write-a-blog-post-about-plugins suggestions that 57 websites have already all posted by copying off each other. You know the plugins for real estate websites that we’re talking about—IDX plugins, PropertyPress, Simple Real Estate Pack and 8 other functions that every real estate website already does.   Here is our fresher-than-Fresh-Prince list of awesome plugins for real estate websites:  

  1. MailChimp mailchimp plugin for wpIf you’ve delved this far into your realtor website then you’ve likely already tried some sort of contact form, sign up sheet or gimme-your-damned-email pop up. Well, if you’re already trying that then you’ll love MailChimp for WordPress. This plugin allows for customized sign-up forms, comment and registration forms that encourage people to subscribe. And the best part? They add them all to MailChimp which makes creating an emailing list/campaign super easy.
  2. Testimonials Widgettestimonials widgetThis obviously-named plugin creates an ability to preload pre-chosen or random customer testimonials on your site. And since here at REwebsites we’re huge fans of the legitimacy of well-displayed testimonials (although video ones are much, much, much better!) we love this plugin.
  3. Facebook Comments for WordPressfacebook commentsDon’t use Disqus. Why? Because why Disqus when you can integrate your website comments to Facebook. You likely don’t get tons of comments on your website anyways—but when people do comment it helps to get their social profile information—and to give them the option to share it on their Facebook page. This can interfere with certain DiggDigg plugins—but nobody uses DiggDigg anyways. (a bunch of you are probably Googling what it is right now).
  4. Yoast SEOyoastOK—this plugin you’ve likely seen on the other lists, but its just soooo good. It makes SEO easy enough for even the most technologically-inept agents to figure out (this isn’t an insult—they’re the ones out there actually selling instead of tinkering around on the internet). Excellent, excellent, excellent SEO tool. And if you’re putting this much effort into your website you should be doing SEO to get people to actually visit your site.
  5. W3 Total Cachew3OK so here’s another one on all the other lists (and the last one, we promise), but it too is an absolute must as it keeps your website from s-l-o-w—i—n—–g down with all those pretty property pictures you post (and never sacrifice the quality of your pictures—it is such an important property promotional tool).
  6. Print Friendly & PDFprint friendlyPeople are (hopefully) going to your website and looking at your properties. Well, give them the option to one-button print it—and have that print out actually look good. Small technologies and functionalities like this can be differentiators when people are sizing you up based on the quality of your website (and trust us—they do that).
  7. YouTube Sidebar WidgetyoutubeIf you aren’t leveraging video(s) on your website—we highly recommend it. But how do you post these to your website so they aren’t gaudily front and centre or on a lonely blog page? With YouTube Sidebar Widget. It only works if you upload your videos to YouTube…but they’re the best anyways.
  8. Click to Call Me
  1. click to call meHave your visitors be able to call you right from their computer, tablet, iPod, smartphone, or whatever other internet-surfing device is released with the Click to Call Me button. It looks slick and lets people call you without having to enter your number (which is hard to do if they’re viewing your website on their phone and have to remember the number while they move from the browser to their phone). People are lazy, make it easy for them.

  If there were things on this list that you said “ah ha” about and had a lightbulb-moment about—then you may need REwebsites. Give us a call to see how we can improve your website. It is likely easier, faster and cheaper than you think.   And of course–to get these plugins for your website you need to have a WordPress website–which we offer for just $2500, with no expensive monthly fee. Click here to find out all the free functionalities we offer…   Article Written By:Author: Robin