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2014 Socia Media Marketing Tips for Realtors

Posted by robinkw on January 5, 2014
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We recently read an article in Business Insider that we felt was worth sharing with our clients in terms of 2014 social media marketing tips for Realtors…

The article circled around an online entrepreneur, Koby Conrad, who is earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year—from Facebook. He doesn’t code, he doesn’t invent anything and he didn’t have any experience.

Koby might not resonate with most of our Realtors, who are in the 40-50 age range—but Koby has some excellent social media lessons to offer, that Realtors (in our opinion) should listen to.

So—as a background to the article, Koby was highlighted as being one of the few Facebook marketers to excel despite perceived negative changes in Facebook’s marketing platform—which devalued pages and showed up to 90% less of pages’ posts in newsfeeds. And here’s how he did it….


2014 Social Media Marketing Tips for Realtors from a Young Entrepreneur

In Koby’s rant/article/lesson he gave four prominent lessons…


  1. Stop Talking About Yourself
    Yes, social media is a platform—but it isn’t a podium. Koby reminds people that nobody cares about hearing only about you or your product. That’s not why they’re on their Facebook. They are there for cute cat videos and to respond to infuriating self-deprecating posts.Instead of fighting against to this—sell out and go with it. Create content that people want to see. So—funny real estate pictures, a hilarious video, hard-hitting stats they haven’t heard before or even pictures of your cat doing something funny.
  2. Use Admin Tags
    When you have a page you have the option of posting as your page or as yourself. Know the difference, and sign off of your admin tags to drive further reproduction and interaction with your existing Facebook ‘friends’.
  3. Ask Questions
    You’ve surely been looking for a way to drive engagement and interaction. Here it is…ask questions—and make them simple and/or infuriating and/or emotion-driven. Be a ‘troll’ and ask questions with emotionally-driven answers and add phrases like ‘share if you agree’.
  4. Network—like, REALLY Network
    Yeah yeah, we’re all on social networks to ‘network’…BUT—how many of us ACTUALLY network with it. One of Koby’s most tangible pieces of advice is to actually network with Facebook. And he recommends doing this by aligning yourself with people in your vertical who aren’t direct competitors—and mutually sharing links and posts.
    For real estate agents this would be mortgage brokers, movers, cleaners, home inspectors, etc.
  5. Post Often…Without Spamming
    Koby says the most successful marketers, himself included, post every 3 hours on Facebook—24 hours a day. This is a fine line though as he advises that these need to be high-quality posts (not about yourself!) that have value.
    In our opinion, if you can come up with clever, informative posts 24 hours a day—phenomenal! Posting less if you have less to say however is better than posting 24 hours a day about your cat’s latest bowel movement (graphic—but proves a point, no?).


So—Now What?

We don’t offer social media marketing yet—as social media marketing takes a level of finesse that few people have. We’re working on finding someone though.


Until then, we recommend posting yourself—because who knows you better than you. Or, you can hire a company, but give a serious consideration to their end result.

For the full article on Koby, click here.


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