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Welcome to The Lead Gen Factory by REwebsites. After branching out from our web design roots years ago with lead-generation programs including Facebook advertising for Realtors—we quickly realized that leads are what is most important for our clients. Leads deliver clients, which fuels their budgets. And The Lead Gen Factory was born.

We offer a number of lead generation programs to cater to the desired results of each client…


Our Facebook Lead Gen Advertising program for Realtors is our most popular program.

Our ad program is a little different. We don’t do listing ads, open house ads, exposure ads, or home evaluation ads. We flip the switch and make it about the viewer and their needs. Our ads tap into the pain point of a specific demographic.

What this does for the Realtor is deliver a name, email and phone number—along with some talking points (because you know something about them already), bonding points, targeted questions to ask, and a problem to solve. And the way that we look at business–if you can solve someone’s problem you’re much more likely to get their business.






FB Lead Gen + Website

$800 SETUP ⊳ $225/MONTH ⊳ +FB Ad Budget

What’s the first thing a lead is going to do after you contact them? Google you. You need a great website. In addition, after someone becomes a lead on Facebook they have the option of visiting your website–and if they do, and the like the website and your personality…the call you’re about to make to them becomes significantly easier.

Our custom-branded sites are about letting people feel a connection with you, by highlighting your personality, what you’re about–and of course why they should use you.

Check out some of our Real Estate web design examples:

Connie Andy Jay and Renee Denise

FB Lead Gen Training Add On

⊳ $150

So, you’re on our program and you’re suddenly getting 40, 60, 80 + leads a month. Now what? How do you turn them into meetings?

We worked with one of our happiest customers (and a seriously high converter!) to create our training program. It consists of a small hour-long group training, then two short one-on-one calls to be scheduled after you’ve implemented the initial training, have tried it out, but still need a little more help in refining your pitch.

Between the initial group training, and then the one-on-one sessions, you’ll start turning the leads into meetings, then listings and BRA’s.


FB Lead Gen + Organic Marketing

Lead Generation is one thing. Building a strong brand online, a following then fuelling engagement is another. Enter Kelly Marie, of Social Redefined Society. We’ve partnered with Kelly’s incredible organic marketing platform to cover the side of social media that we don’t cover–branding and posting. And it’s an exclusive platform.

Kelly will work closely with you for 120 minutes a month to help you develop an incredible brand online, across Facebook and Instagram. You’ll also get access to her online platform that offers not only more great tips but also content calendars (something amazing to post each day!), exclusive content, branding tools, mindset and more.

This is the last social media and online marketing program you’ll ever need.

+ Google PPC Lead Gen

$350 setup $325 monthly ⊳ + Google Ad Spend

Google Pay Per Click advertising is a similar, but different, beast than Facebook lead gen. It has a significantly higher cost per lead than FB (on average $15-25 per lead as opposed to $5-$8 on average for Facebook)–but the leads are all people actively searching for real estate in your area right now. Our program sends Google traffic to one of our high-converting landing pages. There’s also options for mobile-only ads with click-to-call initiatives. Simply put, this is high-level advertising for people who would rather spend money than time getting clients.

“I couldn’t be happier. I was nervous at first investing the money but Robin made me comfortable the entire way. After a few months on the program I’m getting as many leads as I can handle, and booking appointments and getting listings regularly. There is no going back from here.”


“I leverage their FB lead gen services for my team, and along with proper training on lead follow up it’s a powerhouse program. As a team leader having this–and the systems to support it–are vital to not only our success, but also recruitment.”

~Chris C.

Which Program Will Drive your Business?