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Social Media Marketing

If you haven’t seen the latest video marketing statistics for real estate—thank goodness you’re here. You may be missing out on the greatest thing since MLS.



Video Marketing Statistics for Real Estate

OK disclaimer: there aren’t any verifiable video marketing statistics for real estate—but the ones below were taken across a number of small-business verticals and can help you understand why you should hop on this digital gravy train…with these video marketing statistics for real estate:



  1. 46% of people have admitted that they are inclined to seek out more information after seeing a video about a product or service online.
  2. Studies have shown that at least 26% of viewers DO look for more information after viewing your video(s).
  3. Statistically, videos increase your viewers comprehension of your product or service by as much as 74%.
  4. YouTube is now the second biggest search engine on the planet—the first being of course Google (who also own YouTube…and everything else on the internet).
  5. 22% of your viewers will visit your website if it is named in a video or video ad they watch.
  6. An Australian study showed that real-estate listings that have a video get over 400% more attention than those without.
  7. If you’re doing email marketing—your click-through rates will increase by 2 to 3x (see for more info).
  8. Again, with email marketing, your conversion rates (from lead to customer) increase up to 50% with video.
  9. 80% of your viewers will watch a video, but only 20% of them will read to the bottom of the same content if written out (although a transcript gets your great SEO brown points!).

10. 50x! Your website is 50x more likely to show up on the first page of Google search results if it has a YouTube video on it (again—Google owns YouTube…it’s a conspiracy).

11.Video has been the fastest growing media for ads since 2012.

12.80% of internet surfers can recall at least one video they’ve watched in the last week, but not anything they’ve read.

13.A NIELSEN study shows that 36% of web surfers trust ads that are shown in video format.

14.Almost half of video watchers will take some type of action after watching a video.

15.1/3 of all the activity online in North America is video watching.

video marketing statistics for real estate

Video Sounds Great!! Now What? Video Marketing Statistics for Real Estate that HELP!

The stats above surely sound great. BUT—how can stats help you improve the efficiency and efficacy of your video marketing? Well, here’s some that can do just that:


  • Keep your videos short—as almost half your viewers will drop off at the 1-minute point. About 60% will be gone by the 2-minute mark.
  • Post on Tuesdays, as 16% of all the YouTube videos on YouTube are embedded, linked and/or shared on Tuesdays—specifically between 11:00am and 1:00pm.
  • Another reason to keep your videos short is that shorter videos are shared more often. In fact videos that are around 15 seconds are shared a whole 1/3 more than longer videos.
  • If you’re going to do video marketing ads—definitely keep them short (but not too short!) as videos that are around 30 seconds are 90% likely to be watched completely.


So—ready to hop on the video band wagon? Be sure that you have a website that allows you to embed them. If you don’t—ask us how via our live chat or email.


Most Realtors use Facebook as their primary social network—and that’s a smart decision….but don’t forget about the pretty new kid on the block: Pinterest!


Pinterest for Realtors

While most blogs on the internet are telling real estate agents to post listings and property pictures on Pinterest—nobody cares. Nobody is on Pinterest to look for homes for sale as you can’t sort it to accommodate a home search.


In our opinion, simply use it as a tool to reconnect with old clients, to help keep you in the forefront of their minds. Having your face in their face regularly will increase the likelihood that they think of you when they sell the home you sold them (and if you think that you don’t have customers who didn’t use you twice then you’re unfortunately likely mistaken). It will also make them think of you for any possible referrals thar come up.


Great—but now what? What can Realtors post on Pinterest if they aren’t posting listings?


What to Post on Pinterest

We’d recommend spanning a wide variety of categories with your ‘pins’, but focus on the following (many of which are oriented towards women are the ladies hold the majority share of Pinterest accounts):



  1. Parenting ideas and tips
  2. (DIY) Home decorating tips
  3. DIY home repairs
  4. Recipes
  5. Travel
  6. Education
  7. Cute animals (these are insanely popular on Pinterest—so don’t forget to pander to what the audience wants!)
  8. Wedding ideas
  9. Arts and crafts

10.Gardening ideas

11.Inspirational quotes



Keep in mind while you’re pinning ideas that your viewers are going to shape, at least part of, their opinion of you by your ‘Pinterests’. So keep things high-end, positive and inspirational—so that your viewers are inspired by your pins.



We recently read an article in Business Insider that we felt was worth sharing with our clients in terms of 2014 social media marketing tips for Realtors…

The article circled around an online entrepreneur, Koby Conrad, who is earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year—from Facebook. He doesn’t code, he doesn’t invent anything and he didn’t have any experience.

Koby might not resonate with most of our Realtors, who are in the 40-50 age range—but Koby has some excellent social media lessons to offer, that Realtors (in our opinion) should listen to.

So—as a background to the article, Koby was highlighted as being one of the few Facebook marketers to excel despite perceived negative changes in Facebook’s marketing platform—which devalued pages and showed up to 90% less of pages’ posts in newsfeeds. And here’s how he did it….


2014 Social Media Marketing Tips for Realtors from a Young Entrepreneur

In Koby’s rant/article/lesson he gave four prominent lessons…


  1. Stop Talking About Yourself
    Yes, social media is a platform—but it isn’t a podium. Koby reminds people that nobody cares about hearing only about you or your product. That’s not why they’re on their Facebook. They are there for cute cat videos and to respond to infuriating self-deprecating posts.Instead of fighting against to this—sell out and go with it. Create content that people want to see. So—funny real estate pictures, a hilarious video, hard-hitting stats they haven’t heard before or even pictures of your cat doing something funny.
  2. Use Admin Tags
    When you have a page you have the option of posting as your page or as yourself. Know the difference, and sign off of your admin tags to drive further reproduction and interaction with your existing Facebook ‘friends’.
  3. Ask Questions
    You’ve surely been looking for a way to drive engagement and interaction. Here it is…ask questions—and make them simple and/or infuriating and/or emotion-driven. Be a ‘troll’ and ask questions with emotionally-driven answers and add phrases like ‘share if you agree’.
  4. Network—like, REALLY Network
    Yeah yeah, we’re all on social networks to ‘network’…BUT—how many of us ACTUALLY network with it. One of Koby’s most tangible pieces of advice is to actually network with Facebook. And he recommends doing this by aligning yourself with people in your vertical who aren’t direct competitors—and mutually sharing links and posts.
    For real estate agents this would be mortgage brokers, movers, cleaners, home inspectors, etc.
  5. Post Often…Without Spamming
    Koby says the most successful marketers, himself included, post every 3 hours on Facebook—24 hours a day. This is a fine line though as he advises that these need to be high-quality posts (not about yourself!) that have value.
    In our opinion, if you can come up with clever, informative posts 24 hours a day—phenomenal! Posting less if you have less to say however is better than posting 24 hours a day about your cat’s latest bowel movement (graphic—but proves a point, no?).


So—Now What?

We don’t offer social media marketing yet—as social media marketing takes a level of finesse that few people have. We’re working on finding someone though.


Until then, we recommend posting yourself—because who knows you better than you. Or, you can hire a company, but give a serious consideration to their end result.

For the full article on Koby, click here.


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LinkedIn for Real Estate Agents…

So. Does LinkedIn for real estate agents matter for real estate agents? Our frustrating-yet-definitive answer is…sort of.

Ah you’re still reading. Good news for us.

The complex answer to whether LinkedIn matters for real estate agents of yes and no is an ambivalent answer because LinkedIn is somewhat of an ambivalent social network. It’s not Facebook, and it never will be—but it does matter, sort of.

LinkedIn for Real Estate Agents

The best way to think of LinkedIn for real estate agents is to consider it an online resume. It provides you with a chance to truly shine.

 To break that down a little further, here at the things you can highlight with a LinkedIn profile (scroll below for how to easily create one):

  1. Experience
    Of course, on a resume that is searchable by anyone who Google’s you (if you’re experienced) should be your experience. So, highlight how long you’ve been in the business and all the experience you’ve gained.
  2. Accolades and Awards
    If you’ve won any sales awards, community awards or other accolades that earn you bragging rights—then brag.
  3. Trainings
    You’re required to do a number of trainings every year to maintain your license, so put those on your LinkedIn profile.
  4. Associations
    If you belong to any Realtor associations, boards of trade or other professional organizations then let the public know about it on your LinkedIn profile. If they have a LinkedIn group then link to the group to add extra legitimacy.
    Testimonials is the true piece-de-resistance of LinkedIn as you can add legitimate testimonials. Every testimonial and endorsement links back to the user’s profile, showing to the public that these true testimonials (as opposed to the simple text put on websites).
  6. Networks
    You can build a network of contacts, either existing or new, of contractors and service providers that can help out your clients, including: movers, mortgage brokers, home inspectors, etc.


If you can do all the above with your LinkedIn profile then you’re well on your way to using LinkedIn as a social network.


LinkedIn: A How-To

Setting up a profile on LinkedIn is a set-it-and-forget-it solution. You set it up and then you simply respond to messages that you get and ‘friend’ requests (or not). Setting up a profile is relatively easy and can be done within about half an hour.


If you’re insanely busy or extremely technologically-inept, you can always have us set up your profile for you. For $45 it will be done and done, just click here:



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One of our best real estate online marketing tips–and pay attention because we don’t have strokes of genius every day is this: Video should be in every real estate agent’s portfolio—after all, you’ve already got a smartphone with a camera that’s more powerful than a 1990s 3.5-lb camera. But a camera is only half the equation. There is also being inside your listed property—oh, wait.


There is no excuse for agents not to leverage video. Uploading a video to YouTube (super easy—try it, we dare you) takes mere seconds. A minute and a half if you’re one of the 37 Canadians still using dial-up. It is also a great cheat to SEO as a few relevant YouTube videos are displayed at the top of Google search results—effortlessly beating out all the people who worked hard with SEO to get just below your latest YouTube video.


Even better news (well, maybe not better—but at least still pretty darned good) is that there are 3 easy ways to leverage video for real estate agents…


Real Estate Online Marketing Tips: 3 EASY Ways to Leverage Video

  1. Video ListingsYou’ve likely heard the internet ‘mantra’ that “print is dead”. Well, that’s only a half truth. While creating tempting-sounding listings to grace the virtual pages of MLS with is still moderately envogue, nothing sells real estate like glossy video. So the next time you’re jaunting around your listing, pop open your phone’s camera and snap a quick vid (1-3-minutes tops). Upload it to YouTube when you get home, slap the address name and neighbourhood in the title, link it to your website and you’re done. The whole process will take less than 10 minutes once you’ve found your groove.
  2. Introduction/Explainer Video How many potential clients can you actually get in front of per day and give your best elevator pitch to? Its like a very small multiple of one—and no blame-game here, getting in front of people is as hard as a petrified oak tree. Technology’s goal in life is to make our lives easier. Let it. Making an introduction/explainer/elevator pitch video is a signficantly easier way to get in front of people, even if it is virtual. Put it on your website, on YouTube, put a QR code linking to it on your marketing material or come up with other creative ways to get it out there. It will only take maybe 30 minutes all together and then its a set-it-and-forget-it solution (unless your ‘pitch’ changes).
  3. Neighbourhood Profiles Video listings are a great way to sell a home, but to cast a wider net do a video neighbourhood profile. It will come up on Google every time someone searches that neighbourhood on Google (and relatively high up on the search results as it is video) for years to come. Make one each week, beginning with the most popular neighbourhood, or with your special ‘sweet spots’. One a week might be a little gung-ho, but once you see the results you’ll likely even ramp that up. Hop on over to YouTube (in a new browser please—we don’t want you leaving us just yet) and search a few neighbourhoods in your market—unless you’re in one of Canada’s biggest metropolitan areas we betcha’ almost nothing comes up.


Think these lil’ real estate online marketing tips were good? Stay tuned for more pearls of internet wisdom—and sign up for our Facebook page—we’ve got streams of grade-A stuff on there (seriously—check it out!).


Also, before you go out filming video for your website–make sure you have a great website, like the ones we offer for just $2500. Click here for more information.  



Author: Robin