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About Our (AWESOME) Websites

Real estate website companies run the marketing-term (also referred to as ‘honesty’) gauntlet. Many use every marketing buzzword in the book to promote their products the best they can. Of course, as they should…but how are agents supposed to tell which websites are the best, and which are the best value.


Well, we’ll tell you how. By following this no-nonsense guide to purchasing a real estate website…


Our No-Nonsense Guide to Website Buying: Discover the UNTRUTHS

Your first step to cutting through the marketing buzzwords is to understand what some of these truly mean. By understanding what they are and how they relate to your website and your business you can see them for what they truly are…fluff.


 real estate website companies funn

1.    “SEO-Ready” / “SEO-optimized”

All the real estate website companies sell websites that are “SEO Ready” or “SEO optimized”. But—what does this actually mean. Every website on the planet is SEO ready. This simply means that it is ready to be SEOified. SEO-optimized is a different term altogether though. SEO-optimized means that certain keywords have been added to the website to help it rank better.


Sounds good right?


Well, sort of. Adding a few page titles and meta keywords is a good start, but it is about 1% of the SEO effort needed to actually succeed.

The Simple Truth
: SEO is hard business. No website, out of the box, will offer you true SEO. Any website can be optimized just as any other—but it will take serious work on your part. As a super-short synopsis, you need a ton of SEO-optimized, unique and original content, and high-quality inbound links.


2.    Lead-Generating

Many Realtors bounce around from one website company to another, trying to find one that will actually produce them leads.

The Simple Truth
: The basic truth is that no website out of the box will generate you leads. Lead generation comes from being able to convert large amounts of traffic (which comes from top SEO or paid advertising) into names, phone numbers and emails.

For a website to be lead generation it first needs to attract a large amount of traffic, and then have a methodology to turn that traffic into leads. This can be accomplished through live chat, call to actions, new property sign up lists and more.

So, when evaluating real estate website companies solutions, look for those that offer a number of call to action options (and then try them all out to see what works!).



3.    Cutting-Edge

Many real estate website companies say that they offer ‘cutting-edge’ websites (or some other word meaning vanguarde).


The Simple Truth: Real estate websites are rarely cutting-edge. When they are, they are very expensive custom jobs. Our advice to you is to ignore the ‘cutting edge’ words and look at their overall look (do they look modern), and which features they offer (that aren’t just buzzwords).


4.    Just $X a Month!

Stop paying monthly fees. It is expensive. Even if it is just $20/month, that is still $240/year and, $1200 over 5 years and $2400 over a decade (after all, you will surely be in the business for a while). While this sounds like a great deal, know that a website that is 5 or 10 years old will already look dated.

 The Simple Truth: Pay once and get it over with. Then you can reinvest that money in more lucrative real estate marketing ventures.


5.    Integrated Blog!

Adding a blog to a website takes all of 12 seconds. Every website can have a blog if you flick a switch. This isn’t a feature.

Also, will you even use a blog? If you aren’t going to write relevant, original articles on a regular basis, then don’t even bother with a blog as an empty blog looks like you aren’t putting in the effort.

 The Simple Truth: Have a blog, or not. But don’t think it is a phenomenal feature they are giving you for free–it’s hard work on your part!

6.    FREE File Hosting

It’s not free. You’re paying $X/month for that hosting. Every website needs hosting, and almost all of them have unlimited file hosting.

The real trick with ‘unlimited’ file hosting is that a website can only have so many bulky files on it before it starts slowing down. If you put gigabytes upon gigabytes of videos on there, the website will eventually slow down—regardless of ‘unlimited’ or ‘free’ hosting.

 The Simple Truth: Every hosting package comes with free file hosting.


7.    Search Engine Submission

Websites don’t need to be submitted to search engines. Search engines will find your website on their own. If you want them to find it faster you can manually submit them. It takes all of 2 seconds.

 The Simple Truth: search engine submission isn’t important.They will find you if you have some good content on your website. If you don’t have good content on your website then you won’t rank with them anyways.


8.    Free Analytics

Analytics are free thanks to the beautiful and benevolent minds at Google. Google offers a free tool called Google Analytics, which offers you all the information that you will ever need to measure your website traffic, issues and areas of improvement.

You can sign up for a free account here (then use our live chat to ask us how to add the tracking code to your website):
The Simple Truth: It’s free. Period.


9.    FREE Lifetime Upgrades!

Free upgrades are great…the problem is they aren’t ‘free’. You’re paying for their services monthly, to the tune of hundreds of dollars (often close to a thousand) per year. They aren’t free.

Another problem with free upgrades is that you often don’t know when they have a system upgrade, and even if you do know you have to upgrade them yourself. So, before falling for the line of ‘free upgrades’ ask them how that process works. Also ask them how often they offer upgrades, and what the past few upgrades have consisted of (as some as such a minor detail that you wouldn’t even notice).

The Simple Truth: They SHOULD be giving you upgrades as you are paying an arm and a leg.


10.Social Promotion Tools

Every website can put a Facebook or Twitter link on it. REALLY not a big deal.

The Simple Truth: This isn’t a feature–it’s a simple, cheap, easy ‘must have’.


11.Up to X FREE Pages!

Pages should be free. This is the internet. It has boundless amounts of space on it, and all real estate website companies should offer unlimited amounts of pages.


The Simple Truth:  If real estate website companies want to charge you per page….run.



We hope that the above synopsis helps you sort through the marketing mumbojumbo that exists out there on the world-wide web.


If you are wondering if a feature or promotion is a good deal—just ask us. We’ll be honest. It’s sort of ‘our thing’.

We love infographics. Not because we’re too lazy to appreciate the written word, but, simply because we appreciate (and at times imitate) the beauty of great design. And solid factoids.


Many of the below facts in this infographic could have been taken right out of our elevator sales pitch–well done My Case Group and INC. Magazine.


The amount of agent materials printed every year could probably stretch across the country—but this year do something different by using infographics for real estate. Infographics for real estate are a great way to truly stand out with your marketing materials. And after all—the goal of your marketing materials is to be memorable!

infographics for real estate



infographics for real estate 2


infographics for real estate 3


infographics for real estate 4



infographics for real estate 5

If you’re unsure about how effective an infographic would be—check out how well the information is displayed on the infographics for real estate displayed below (and compare them to your current marketing materials’ effectiveness!)…


Infographics for Real Estate: the What and How?

So—infographics for real estate are a great way to stick in the mind of potential clients, whether it be open house handouts or viral social media posting, but what exactly can you put on your infographic? Well, here’s a few ideas:


  1. Neighbourhood highlights
  2. Market information
  3. ‘Why to use ME as your Realtor’
  4. Home prices over time per housing type of geographic area
  5. Brokerage information
  6. The mortgage process
  7. How to increase your home’s value
  8. How to find a home that will maintain or raise in value
  9. When you should sell your home
  10. 10. Top ways to market a home a



So—ready to supercharge your marketing campaign with an infographic? Great, however, we should add one thing…they aren’t cheap. But, they are a great investment. Keep in mind while pricing infographics for real estate that you will be able to re-use them for years to come…with the exception of market-specific information that is timely (however these can be easily updated on the cheap).

If you’ve been considering WordPress real estate websites–the time has never been better! Seriously. There is a new WordPress dashboard that only reinforces why choosing WordPress for your real estate website is a solid, strong, dope, fly, crazy-awesome decision. 


WordPress Real Estate Websites: The Changes 

The changes in the new dashboard circle around an improved user interface. The new WordPress interface is extremely clean, and customizable with over 7 different colour schemes.

Take a look at the before and after…

wordpress real estate websites old dashboard
wordpress real estate websites new dashboard

The new dashboard is easier to read, has a stronger menu both on the left-hand-side and on the top of website pages (when you’re signed in to the backend then surf your website’s front end) AND has a more user-friendly mobile version. The result: a great user interface for real estate websites.


WordPress Real Estate Websites Dashboard–the Real Differences

The new WordPress dashboard may circle around the obvious visual changes, but for those readers who are a little more technologically-inclined, here are the small-detail changes:

  • A greater contrast for improved visibility
  • A customizable dashboard with multiple skins
  •  A cleaner typography–again for improved visibility
  • A high-definition dashboard that loads even quicker than the old low-def dashboard–as they ditched some pixels in exchange for new vector-based icons
  • Colour schemes that allows you to customize, at least a little, the dashboard–so you can ditch the old pale blue and white
  • New theme management that helps you preview your themes better (without activating them!)
  • A better ‘widgets’ screen that makes selecting the widgets just a smidge more user friendly


If you’ve been wondering of WordPress real estate websites are the right path–they are. They’re more affordable, offer more free technologies and have a user-friendly existence. Want a demo of the new WordPress backend? Just give us a shout on our live chat, via email or via the old-school way…our 800-number.

We make WordPress real estate websites–because we think WordPress is simply the bee’s knees.


WordPress Real Estate Websites–What IS WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System that empowers the public to build super-cool-and-awesome websites. If you’re thinking, “but wait–isn’t WordPress that blogging thingamajiggy?”, then you would be right…sort of. WordPress is commonly used for simple blogs, but installing its powerful platform onto your own website hosting gives you the framework needed to create stunning websites, have cutting-edge features like Live Chat–all the while giving the user an easy-to-use backend. On WordPress you can install gorgeous themes to create a beautiful website, and then turn it into a lead-generating platform by using ‘plugins’.

wordpress real estate websites backend

WordPress Real Estate Websites Themes

WordPress is a CMS, which makes it a powerful framework–but it is still just a framework. Without a pretty ‘skin’ or ‘theme’ it won’t look like much. A theme is a set of graphics, designs and page layouts that creates an overall look. A ‘theme’ is different than a template as it can still be manipulated greatly. Elements can be moved around, added and removed, and there are still a great variety of design options within each theme. What this means is that a theme is like a designer framework on the WordPress framework.  As of the moment of writing there are 2,345 themes in the WordPress directory, and a few thousand more made my private publishers.
wordpress real estate websites themes

To see a few of our favourite themes, check out this list from our favourite web-design magazine:

WordPress Plugins

A WordPress plugin is a feature that can be easily added to WordPress real estate websites. All the world’s largest internet technology companies (and all the small ones too!) create WordPress plugins for their technology–as WordPress is the world’s most popular Content Management System.  WordPress plugins include those available from Zoho, Zopim, Google (actually they have MANY: Adsense, Analytics, Sitemap, Tag Manager and more), DropBox, ClickDesk, Yoast SEO, SalesForce and oh soooooo many more. If you’re curious if a technology that you’re currently work with has a WordPress plugin–just ask us! Email us or use our live chat (…which is a plugin!).
wordpress real estate websites plugins

So–What is WordPress to YOU?

What WP means to you is that you can have a stunning, cutting-edge WordPress real estate website, with all the latest technologies–at a fraction of the cost of our competitors (who have to develop all their technologies in-house).


Curious about getting a WordPress real estate website? Just give us a ring-a-ding-ding!

We love WordPress for websites–including real estate broker websites. We love it for a number of reasons…it is powerful, it is quite user-friendly, it empowers its users to learn and grow—and it offers more functionalities than any other CMS. It of course has its downsides, like that not every single functionality works with every theme, and that it takes a decent amount of customization to make the website look like a rockstar. BUT—weighing the positives and negatives, the results shows exactly why real estate brokers should use WordPress for their brokerage’s website.

And here’s those reasons…

5 Reasons WHY Real Estate Brokers Should Use WordPress for their Website!


  1. Saving Money
    Hosting for WordPress is extremely cost effective. Even more so when compared to real estate websites companies who charge $50-$100 a month (or $600-$1,200 a year). Our websites are a low one-time cost, and then our hosting is just $120 a year—and this is for a custom-designed rockstar-quality website. *Note: the one-time cost includes custom branding and graphics and standard WordPress features–additional development work, content writing and searchable agent tables cost extra (the average cost for most development features is $100-$200).Hosting is the only money-saving feature…WordPress also saves website maintenance costs, as you can update the website yourself, you can create role-based permissions for other users you add (like admin assistants)–and you can save on professional costs. Our WordPress real estate websites, as an example, offer per-incident customer support for $25 for basic support requests.
  2. Plugins and Functionalities
    There are currently 28,794 plugins (as of the date of writing) in the WordPress repository. That’s almost 30,000 functionalities for your website. Of course, a number of these would be uninteresting for Realtors, some of them are duplicated in their functionalities and a small percentage may not work with the theme you chose. But—even if you narrow all that down you still have over 10,000 plugins/functionalities for your site.
  3. Affordable—High-Quality Design
    If you’ve ever priced-out the cost of custom-designed, custom-branded website then you know how truly expensive it can be. If you haven’t—it’s anywhere between $3,000-$10,000+…and you still have to pay monthly for your automatic MLS listings. For some of the bigger brokerages this is an affordable expense, but not all brokerages have hundreds of agents. For brokerages who don’t currently have that in the budget—there’s US! We offer semi-custom websites (they look custom but aren’t built they just aren’t created by code, from scratch) based on a powerful Content Management System platform that you can use yourself (we have free training videos and paid one-on-one training). They also offer clean , professional design. Checkout our portfolio to see!
  4. Featured Listings
    Our websites have tons of ways to feature listings, from adding them in the main slider (including a video!!) to cut and paste video posting to rotating featured listings on the homepage.
  5. Integrated Marketing and Technology Tools and Features
    Our websites offer tons of integrable marketing and technology tools—probably including most of the ones you already use now. This is because we leverage the world’s biggest Content Management System—which means pretty much every technology company caters to it and has tons of features. This includes live chat (which if you haven’t tried yet can be a phenomenal lead-generation tool once you get the swing of how not to scare people away), CRM, lead-capturing forms, squeeze pages, email-marketing integration and more!


So—if you’re a broker in the market for a website…let us know what you’re looking for and we can percolate some great ideas for your site!




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When we approach people about our real estate websites Canada the usual response is something along the lines of ‘who the heck are you guys’?

Fair question.


Who ARE we? The truth is we’re nobodies in the business—so far. We don’t have the reach or the huge client base of our ‘competitors’ (although we really don’t have competitors in what we do) and we haven’t been around for a decade like everyone else. But we kinda like that.


We’re new. We’re hip…and most importantly—we’re different. There are a number of distinguishing characteristics that set us apart from our ‘competition’…


  1. We SELL Websites—Not Rent Them You’re a Realtor. If you’re not—then what the heck are you doing here? Just kidding—we’ll love you anyways. It is silly for Realtors to RENT anything, so why are you renting your website? The simple reason is that people want their website auto populated with MLS listings…and our competition charges monthly for this. This is renting your website as the second you stop paying—you’re kicked out on your keester.Instead of charging you monthly, we charge you to setup your customized website (better than our templated competition…and you know who you are!) and setup your MLS listing feed—and charge you once. Why do we charge you once and not monthly? Why not—it doesn’t cost us anything monthly to ‘feed’ your feed…this happens automatically.But don’t worry—we have other elements that we can charge you for in the future (all are optional of course), including technology training, website improvements (new technologies come out every month…and we help you stay on top of them), support and hosting ($120 annually).Having said all that–we do actually rent some websites. We offer a series of managed website solutions that are rented monthly as a lead-generation solution. We build the websites, we maintain them, we do all the SEO and online marketing. You simply get the leads. One example is for a niche website about condos for sale in Regina. This is one of many condo websites we run that we rent out monthly.
  2. We Offer Customized Websites We create our websites based on WordPress themes. These are leaps and bounds above our competition and their templates, as templates are a ready-to-go website that they insert your name and picture into. Themes are powerful frameworks that allow you to move things around, add other things, remove elements and add pages at your whim. Now…our websites aren’t 100% custom-built (custom websites are anywhere from $4,000 to $8,000+), they are just customized to contain the available elements of your liking.
  3. Variety When we say that we use ‘themes’…there are almost 10,000 themes available—and this number grows daily. Not only does this offer you greater opportunity when choosing the design you want (and by the way these themes aren’t simply templates in 37 different colours schemes!…each of the 10,000 themes has different colour schemes available) but it also helps ensure that 89 other agents in your city won’t be using your theme. Note: we don’t guarantee nobody will ever select your theme again for their website…but the odds of another of the 100 agents in your city choosing the exact theme you chose out of the 10,000 + themes would be relatively rare.
  4. Our Websites are Modular Our websites don’t have to be set it and forget it solutions. We have modular technologies where we can add additional functions as they become available on the market. And by the way, the WordPress ‘market’ is open to every developer in the world and new functionalities are being released every single day (although you won’t like all of them of course).
  5. We’re InexpensiveAllow us to take a moment to say that we’re inexpensive (currently), but we’re not cheap. We offer cutting-edge designs that are super-professional and unique, but we do it for a low price. There’s no expensive monthly fee, as all our service fees are optional—and will help you continue to build your website….because heck—technologies progresses DAILY.

Hmm…You Sound Too Good To Be True

If you’re thinking that we’re too good to be true—know that nothing is perfect. We don’t offer every single feature our competition does (although we do offer a few that they don’t), we aren’t perfect and can’t offer every single feature you want and/or design a website idea from scratch/specifics (you’ll need to buy a custom website for thousands of dollars for that). What we do deliver is a super-professional website that looks like the custom ones…for a fraction of the price—and without an expensive monthly payment.


Curious? Give us a shout for more information—or poke around on our website a lil further.



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In our last post we wrote about what WordPress’ Jetpack IS, including all the wonderful features bundled into it. However—we also said that not all of them are applicable to a real estate website specifically, but hey—nobody’s perfect right?

WordPress’ Jetpack tool is a kick-a** set of tools for WordPress-built websites that is 100% free and 200% awesome.

Here our favourites—and why we LOVE them….

real estate website jetpack 1
Why Your Real Estate Website NEEDS WordPress’ Jetpack!

  1. PhotonPhoton is a feature that allows you to load your images quicker, as they’re hosted on the WordPress network. This plugin saves bandwidth and helps your website load faster as you don’t have to store all those images on your website server. Think of it like your computer—when you use 80% of your memory your computer slows down.
  2. CarouselCarousell allows users to view yours images in full-screen view, while initially displaying your photos in a nice ‘carousel’-like appearance.
  3. Tiled Layouts Tiled layouts is a pretty way to display your photos when you have a number of images together on a single page.
  4. PublicizePublicize is great for people like you—who are busy! All the steps involved in uploading all your blogs is difficult enough, but to go through all your social profiles and post it yourself is irritating. Publicize posts every time with ‘Publicize’. It makes making your posts social—easy as pie!
  5. Sharing Jetpack’s sharing buttons mean your users can easily share your content. Anyone doing social media marketing will immediately understand why that’s important!
  6. Mobile Theme EVERY real estate website needs to be mobile-friendly. All of our are, but just in case your website theme in WordPress doesn’t leverage responsive design—then Jetpack’s mobile theme will ensure your website displays nicely on mobile devices.If you’re wondering whether your site is mobile or not—just ask us!
  7. Infinite ScrollIf your theme supports infinite scroll—then you’ll want this plugin. Unfortunately it doesn’t work with about 50% of themes, but for the ones it does it allows your pages to display an unlimited amount of posts or listings!
  8. Site Stats Sites stats is like a simplified version of Google Analytics, which is a free tool that tells you how many people are on your website each day, how they found it, what pages they visited, what pages make them leave, etc. Site stats is a simple version that takes only a second to setup, that tells you basic data. If you want to drill-down in your site data further, then ask us how to get Google Analytics.


So—if you’re already using one of our WordPress real estate websites but don’t have any of these setup, purchase our simple support ticket for $25 and we can activate them for you lickety split (generally within 48 hours).



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If you’re using one of our rockstar websites and have seen the ‘Jetpack; option on the menu—this post is for you.


Jetpack for Real Estate Website Design

Jetpack is a powerful set of tools all lumped into one installation that allows you to do a huge number of things with your WordPress-based real estate website design. These features are:


    1. Stats (helps monitor website traffic)
    2. Notifications (find out about changes and website stats in your browser toolbar)
    3. Publicize (send your new content automatically to your social profiles)
    4. Jetpack Comments (a system so users can comment on your website)
    5. Subscriptions (lets users subscribe to your website content)
    7. Likes (helps you promote your content to get more Facebook Likes)
    8. Carousel (an awesome way to display images)
    9. Sharing (allows your users to share your content)
    10. Spelling and Grammar (not a well speeler?–get this feature!)
    11. VaultPress (online backup…but we can recommend a free version)real estate website design jetpack 5
    12. Omnisearch (a powerful search tool)
    13. Gravatar Hovercards (useless in our opinion)
    14. Contact Form (a nice-looking contact form option)
    15. Shortlinks (creates short links)
    16. Google+ Profile (link your content to your Google+ profile)
    17. Tiled Galleries (another beautiful way to display images
    18. Widget Visibility (more website widgets)
    19. Mobile Theme (a nice mobile tool if your website isn’t responsive to begin with)
    20. Shortcode Embeds (…this is a web design thing)
    21. Custom CSS (another web design thing)
    22. Extra Sidebar Widgets (even more widgets! Yay!)
    23. Infinite Scroll (instead of making peopel click “page 2” then “page 3”, they can just scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll)
    24. Photon (helps load images faster)
    25. Jetpack Single Sign On (a powerful sign-in tool if your website has a sign-in area)
    26. Monitor website stats (helps monitor your viewers)
    27. Mobile Push Notifications (if there are changes or notifications from your website—this tool will tell you)
    28. JSON API (cloud-based access)
    29. Enhanced Distribution (better share your content in Google)


So—some of the above functions are somewhat useless for real estate website design, but others are truly amazing. And of course…they’re all FREE, so why the heck not, right?


For reasons why you should use some of these features—and to find out which ones are our personal favs…click here.


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Above we offer a competitive-pricing matrix that compares our real estate websites pricing with our competitors. Why do we want to directly compare ourselves with our real estate websites  competition? The simple reason is that we have some of the most affordable pricing over the long-term. Having said that–we are speaking about standard pricing only, and we’d never denigrate the work of our worthy competitors.

With this real estate websites  pricing matrix we aren’t speaking to the quality of any company’s work–as many of them do a bang-up job at what they do! We just happen to do things a little differently, including working on a different pricing model. For example, we think the website wizards over at Brixwork do an utterly phenomenal job at providing top-notch backend tools for Realtors…tools that we hope we can offer our clients one day. But–not everyone can afford their services (which are surely worth every penny)…for those people, we’re here. With affordable pricing for a great product.

So–check out our pricing table below, then hop on over to our galleryportfolio and service pages to find out how much we offer for that real estate websites  price point!



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We hear this question all the time, why are your real estate websites so cheap? Sometimes it is accusatory in tone, other times inquisitive. If you’re wondering why we offer customized websites for $2500 and no monthly while other companies are charging $1,000+ to set them up and then a monthly fee. And they do a good job—and so do we, so why are we cheaper?


Well, there’s a number of elements that contribute to our price…

Why Our Real Estate Websites Are Cheap


  1. We’re Still Young

    We’ve only been around about 8 months (at the time of writing), which means we haven’t grown too big for our britches. We took Steve Jobs’ advice to heart, to “Stay young. Stay foolish”. And we’re just that, young and foolish—but excellent web designers, and quite frankly fun people to do business with.


    Having said that however, we don’t promise to stay at $2500 forever (but if you purchase a website at today’s price of, then that isn’t of concern to you).

  2. Because We Can

    We’re apparently young and foolish enough to not gouge our customers with $600+ in yearly fees—because we don’t need to. We don’t have the overhead of a fancy office, proprietary software or fancy suits.


    We just need enough money to buy beer and Kraft Dinner.


  3. Because We Think Differently

    We don’t want you to not spend money on online marketing. We just want to show you how to spend it smarter. Don’t spend money on ‘hosting’ which should cost you less than a hundred dollars a year, instead spend that on customized branding, drip marketing campaigns, SEO and rockstar content that defines your expert status.


    That’s where we come in. We offer all the ancillary services—which is where we make our money. So, instead of charging you for nothing (‘hosting’)–we charge you for services that put you above the competition AND you also get a customized website that, in our humble opinion, is far superior to simple template websites.

  4. Because We Didn’t Reinvent the Wheel

    We didn’t develop a multi-million-dollar platform, because all the tools we need are already available—for free. We’re an aggregator of technology, and we charge you to put them in a nice package with a pretty bow. Then we customize the heck out of it.


    For example, we use the widely-used free WordPress platform to build our websites on. It has thousands of free plugins (literally-named technology that plugs smaller software into it) that offer a nearly-endless amount of features and functionalities. By using this platform, and the software that works with it we’re able to offer free live chat, free lead-capturing and more.

    To break that down even further…the live chat software we use plugs in to your WordPress website. It’s called Zopim. It’s free for a single user (if you want more users its $14.99 a month), but is an extremely powerful and intuitive platform that sends live chat requests from your website to your smartphone via their app. It also offers a web dashboard that allows you to look at users based on analytical data that it collects. It’s an extremely powerful tool—and it’s free. And we don’t charge you anything…even though we could.


    We’re nice like that. 🙂



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So, you’ve purchased one of our real estate websites–or you’re thinking of purchasing one of our customized real estate websites–and you’re wondering how the heck these things work, then you’ve come to the right place.

With the websites we create people ask us tons of use-related questions, often circling around what they will be able to do themselves. These questions include:


So, the quick answer is yes–you can easily update themselves.

Even though our websites are highly customized and look complex on the front end, they still use the relatively-simple WordPress backend. To teach you exactly how to do this we’re posting a great series of informative how-to videos from Duke University’s Center for Instructional Technology (CIT).


WordPress Basics: How to Create a Blog Post




This first video covers the super basics of WordPress, including:

  • How to find your WordPress admin section (hint: it’s always enter “/wp-admin” at the end of your URL)
  • How to create a new blog post
  • How to preview your blog post
  • How to save and publish your blog post


WordPress Basics: How to Add an Image to your Blog Post, Page or Listing


This blog post shows you:

  • How to add an image from the web
  • How to add an image from your computer


WordPress Basics: How to Add a Link to your Blog Post, Listing or Page


This video shows you:

  • How to add a link to any page, blog post or listing in WordPress


WordPress Basics: How to Style your Text for your Blog Post, Page or Listing

In this video you learn how to format your text, a process very similar to Microsoft Word.


WordPress Basics: How to Add a Video

Adding videos to your listings is a phenomenal way to highlight your listing–and it is an incredibly easy within WordPress:

  • How to find the url of your video
  • How to add a video to a blog post, listing or page


For further instructionals on how to use WordPress to accomplish one of your goals, simply go to and enter “wordpress tutorial” and whatever keyword you’d like. For example, “wordpress tutorial adding a page to your menu”.


Stay tuned to our blog to learn intermediate WordPress skills and how to use specific functionalities in WordPress.


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Real Estate Websites — So, you’ve decided to purchase one of our awesome, competition-crushing websites.


…now what?


If you haven’t called or emailed us yet—then that’s your first step. From there the process will proceed as follows…


Minimum Development Time: 5 Days (Add 4 Days for IDX/DDF integration)

Maximum Development Time: 1 Month (Sorry for the ‘max time’–but we can’t offer more than a month  for revision periods as time extensions cost money) 


note: the minimum time can be achieved by expressing exactly what you want in terms of theme customizations off the bat, and then offering revisions (your suggestions for small changes in the design) within 24 hours of receiving the installed theme.

The maximum time is in place as it becomes increasingly difficult to manage website projects that extend beyond three weeks in time (but we give you a month grace period), as the back-and-forth emails become time-consuming to the point that we would need to raise our prices to keep up with the costs–and we avoid doing that at all costs so that we can remain an affordable solution for Realtors.


Our Real Estate Websites: The Process

real estate websites process

real estate websites process

Our process is a simplified process that creates beautiful websites without the muss and fuss (muss and fuss costs extra). This easy process was designed with costs in mind and allows us to offer custom-branded and custom designed (note: the design is based on a powerful theme that can be altered to your liking), at a small fraction of the price of custom websites built from scratch. The price difference truly is staggering, with custom websites costing between $5,000 to $8,000+, and our highly-customizable, personally-branded websites costing just $2500. Of course there is a functionality and quality difference between us and the $10,000-dollar websites (and there damn-well should be!), but never before have customizable websites been available to agents at such a low price. If you’re thinking “but company X offers customized websites! And for $50 a month”, then know that they offer templates with slight changes available (most of which you have to do yourself) an you pay $600 every year for the privilege. If you stay with them over five years you’ll have paid for an entirely custom, built-from-scratch website—you just don’t get one.

Our process and its steps are extremely important to us and our clients as lengthy phone calls between customers and web designers and unlimited amounts of revisions increase the cost of a website significantly. Extending the process truly does skyrocket the cost when you consider that web designers generally make $40+ an hour.


So, we like to make our customers aware of the purchasing and designing process in order to give them expectations and timelines that put them at ease and allow us to keep our price insanely competitive at just $2500.


Without further ado—here is our process…


  1. We send you an invoice for the downpayment on the website, $300 (the remainder due upon completion).
  2. You pay the invoice.
  3. You send us the theme of your choice, or you send us a few websites that you like and we send you a few themes that are similar for you to choose from.
  4. Once we have your theme we’ll send you a specifications form that will ask you questions like what do you want on your homepage, what pages you want created (although you can EASILY do this later), what functionalities you want (live chat, lead capture, CRM integration, etc.), etc.
  5. We also ask you if you have any images, logo(s) or graphics you want on the site that we can use.
  6. We then start the creative process. This generally take 3 or 4 days but it can take up to a week.
  7. Once we have installed the theme and customized all the elements you requested we send you the demo / mockup site and ask for your feedback. This round of revisions should cover pretty much all the things you want changed. Note: this is your chance to tell us everything you want—and we only allow minute changes after this step is finalized—so no telling us to start from scratch 😉
  8. We then make all the revisions you requested, provided they are realistic. ‘Unrealistic’ revisions would include an entire change of theme, heavy graphic design work, adding functionalities not already available in WordPress (as we would have to pay our developer more than your website is costing you to create a functionality from scratch), etc.
  9. We send the website back with all the revisions you requested, you give it the final thumbs up and then we publish it live.
  10. We then give you instructions on how to use the website, including how to add website pages, blog posts, images and videos.
  11. You pay us the remainder of the money so we can buy enough Kraft dinner, or beans and rice, to feed us until the end of the next website project.



To recap this in a shorter explanation our real estate websites process goes like this:


  1. Initial invoice and payment
  2. Theme selection
  3. Customization specifications form
  4. Website creation — 3 or 4 days (a week max)
  5. Round of revisions –to be completed within one week
  6. Final thumbs up
  7. Instructions on how to use the website
  8. Pay the remainder of the invoice — due immediately after final thumbs up

After the website is finalized and completed you have a ton of optional services that you can begin leveraging at that point–from content to analytics to social media to support. Check out our shop for services we have available for purchase.
If you have any questions about how this works, or to buy your highly-customizable, custom-branded website—give us a call or email today.


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Real Estate Websites: Our Sample Content


So—you’re ready to buy one of our fancy-shmancy websites, but are stuck on what you would fill it’s brilliant pages with?


If your current website is full of your current vendor’s content then, like a 90s comedian, you’ll be needing some new material. For those in the market for new content—you have two options: new, original content or our standard website content.


We highly, highly, highly, highly, highly recommend using our writer to write original content. If you are going to do any SEO work at all—then original content is a 100% must-have. Google won’t rank you with copied content.


If SEO isn’t your bag, and copied content is fine by you—then you will have available our content if you purchase one of our websites. However—should you steal our content without buying one of our websites—we’ll have Google put a voodoo hex on you (yeah—they designed an algorithm for that).


Real Estate Websites: Our Sample Content
Buyers Page
Buying a home involves a multitude of concerted efforts, including arranging financing, liaising with legal representation, scheduling appointments, filling out paperwork, negotiating offers and carefully picking a price that will win you the house of your dreams.

You need an agent to guide you through this complex process, to give you sound investment advice—and to ensure that you’re paying a competitive amount for the home that will fit with your long-term real-estate and home goals.

Enter, me.

My years of experience will help glide you through the process, while encouraging you to make smart decisions. Together we’ll tackle every step of the way, from viewings to offers to inspections to closing. I will make the process easier for you.


Using my professional advice, you and your family will find the home of your dreams—and in one quick call with me you’ll find out exactly why.


So—call me today to find our what listings I have that may be utterly perfect for you, or to find out what services I have up my sleeve that keeps my buyers coming back time and time again.


My nearly-patented steps that I use to walk you through the home-buying process include:


  1. Asking yourself (or letting me ask you) qualifying questions—like your home wants vs. needs, the budget you can truly afford and what style of home is your ideal.
  2. Becoming pre-qualified for a loan.
  3. Visiting listings.
  4. Repeat step 3 until you find your dream home.
  5. Make an offer.
  6. Repeat step 5 until we’ve nailed it.
  7. Negotiate.
  8. Close on the property.
  9. Move.



Real Estate Websites: Our Sample Content



If selling a home were easy my job wouldn’t exist. But—lucky for me, it takes style, grace and ruthless-negotiation skills to sell a home, quickly—for top dollar.

Allow my years of experience and combo of entrenched skills, technology and unique marketing plan to work for you. My ability to exceed the demands of a competitive market coupled with my ready availability make me one of the top real estate agents in the city.


Forms of Marketing I Offer to you as a Client


  • Traditional forms of print marketing.
  • Online marketing of your home via MLS, IDX and my own website.
  • Via open houses.
  • By networking with other agents in my office and area.
  • And more…


If you’re curious what I can do for you as a seller’s agent—give me a call. In a few short minutes you’ll see why my clients return to me…time and time again.


Real Estate Websites: Our Sample Content

Financing: Mortgages, Affordability and Financial Planning

Financing a home is an often-convoluted process—but with my help, and the help of my team of financing professionals, we’ll successfully navigate the process.

I highly recommend the mortgage broker that I have added to my team of service providers, because a good mortgage broker is literally worth their weight in gold. They can keep you from overspending with your budget, while keeping your costs down overtime by suggesting the right mortgage contracts and amortization periods for you.

An excellent mortgage broker will help you with the following:


  • Choosing the mortgage amount that you can safely afford, over the long-term.
  • Help you plan for future real estate growth to suit your changing lifestyle.
  • Negotiate you a better interest rate due to the collective-buying power they generate.
  • Find you an amortization plan that will ensure you pay down as much principal and as little interest as possible.
  • Guide you on the right length of term to choose to secure you the best interest rates.
  • Will advise you on the benefits of a larger down payment.
  • They will pre-approve you for a loan so that you can begin scouting homes in your area.
  • They will advise of prepayment possibilities, possible penalties, mortgage portability,

As I said, a mortgage broker is worth their weight in gold—however know that they aren’t all the same. For the best of the best in our city—ask me for my mortgage-broker recommendations.


In addition to mortgage brokers, you will want access to my network of other vendors and service providers, including:


  • Sales representation (me!)
  • Real-estate lawyer or notary
  • Home inspectors
  • Moving companies
  • Contractors
  • Other lenders
  • Insurance broker(s)


When you sign with me, you have access to a solid network with a proven track record of success—which is just yet another reason to make me your agent.




Real Estate Websites: Our Sample Content


Real Estate Costs: Additional Costs You NEED to Know!

Buying and selling real estate is a complex process—and with that process comes throngs of surprise costs.

I consistently ensure that none of my customers are surprised with additional costs. Costs that they hadn’t worked into their budget. These additional, surprise costs include:


  • Property Taxes
  • Utility Fees
  • Land-Transfer Tax (which in Ontario is: From $55,000 to $250,000 X 1 % of total property value, from $250,000 to $400,000 X 1.5 % of total property value and from $400,000 up X 2 % of total property value)
  • Surveying Fees
  • Appraisal Fees
  • Inspection Fees
  • Lawyer / Notary Fees
  • Property Insurance
  • Mortgage Insurance (required on mortgages with down payments under a certain %)
  • Application Fees
  • Mortgage Broker Fees
  • Moving Costs
  • Closing Costs
  • Certificate Fees
  • Condo Fees
  • Renovation / Repairs / Redecoration
  • Buying Appliances
  • On-going Property Maintenance
  • First-Time Loan Insurance

Incorporating all or some of the above necessary fees into your budget is critical to a smooth home-buying or home-selling process. It is critical to think of these before you commit to a mortgage so that your housing costs don’t exceed the recommended 35% of your gross income.

If you’re unsure if any of the above apply to you—give me a call.



Real Estate Websites: Our Sample Content

The ‘Offer’ Process

Making or receiving an offer for a home is a true balancing act. If you go too high you lose money on your investment, but if you are too low you can lose money, or the opportunity to own the home of your dreams.

It has taken me years but I’ve developed a 6th sense about the Goldilocks Principle—which states that an offer must fall within certain margins of expectations and reality, avoiding extremes, to win the deal and make a sound investment.

It isn’t just a spidey sense that helps me price my offers and sign-backs right—it is also thorough market research and primal negotiation skills. To put my research skills, negotiation skills and 6th sense to work for you—simply give me a call today.


Types of Offers to Navigate in Real Estate:


  • Firm offers
  • Conditional offers, including those conditional-on-financing
  • Offer acceptance





Real Estate Websites: Our Sample Content

Home Improvements to Build your Home’s Value

There are a number of small, quick improvements you can make to your home to add thousands—to tens of thousands—of dollars in value to the listing price of your home. This includes…



  • Staging your home for a quick sale
  • Improving the exterior of your home by mowing the lawn, weeding gardens, cleaning stains off your driveway, touching up rough paint jobs, trimming bushes and other curb-appealing improving tasks
  • Making simple repairs and maintenance, including fixing: squeaky doors, chipped bath tubs and other tiles, leaky taps, cracked plaster, seals, painting, etc.
  • Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning
  • Decluttering and depersonalizing


If you’re unsure how to do any of the above—just give me a call and I’ll give you all the top staging and home-improvement that I’ve collected over the years (and are proven value-adders!). 


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The number one reason to buy one of our real estate websites is for a more-professional image and strong online branding strategy. The second reason is money.

And we can save you a lot of it.

How Our Real Estate Websites Can Save you Money

Curious all the ways that our real estate websites (and our service) can save you money while boosting your online image? (Hey—we never said this wouldn’t be wildly self-promotional). Well here they are:


  1. We Save you $50 a Month on Website Fees
    Our average competitor charges $50 per month. While this ranges anywhere from $40 to $80, we feel that entire range is too expensive. That’s $600 per year. Every year. We charge you $2500, and that’s it. The only on-going fee is hosting, at a few dollars a month—and you can buy ours or another company’s hosting (…although we recommend ours, for obvious reasons).
  2. Email Marketing
    When we create our websites we can install FREE email-marketing software that can help work with your exiting email-marketing platform—or you can go with our recommended vendor MailChimp (which is also free).
  3. On your CRM
    We can make recommendations on CRMs, either built-in to your website or on its own platform that are free or cheaper than standard industry solutions like Top Producer. TP is of course about $50 a month because the real estate services industry apparently loves round numbers.
  4. Branded Marketing Materials
    We can easily take a snap shot of the banner we create for your website, and send it to you as a free graphic to use on all your marketing materials so that you have across-the-board branding, without paying a graphic artist or printing company to create it. Using your banner image across your open house handouts, Facebook Page, LinkedIn page, letterhead and more. Versatile huh?

Our websites are so much more than just websites—they’re money savers! And while this may seem too good to be true we will point you towards so many high-quality, low-price (mostly free) technologies that you’ll think that you’ve died and gone to that big internet in the sky.

Don’t Leave Now! You’ve only just begun…click below to learn more about:


Real Estate Websites: We’re so in love with WordPress for real estate  websites that it’s like we’ve got a school-girl crush on it. We want it to show up in front of our second-storey window with a boombox, rocking a super-romantic hit-of-the-80s song. 

There’s sound thinking behind this ridiculous crush though…

Why (We Think) Real Estate Websites Should use WordPress

Real Estate Websites


There are a number of reasons why agents should use WordPress as their Content Management System (CMS):


1. It’s Free—But Powerful

WordPress is what the tech community calls an open-source platform—meaning it is free. It was created by some geniuses a number of years ago, and is now updated and added to by hundreds of thousands of techies worldwide. It is now one of the most powerful open-source platforms on the planet and has created millions of blogs and websites. And it’s free.


Despite being free it is still extremely powerful. It comes with tens of thousands of free plugins (little pieces of software you install with a single click that give you extra functionalities) and tens of thousands of themes (kind of like a predesign template—but more powerful and customizable).


We’ll be the first to admit that there are more powerful CMSs out there, like Joomla and Drupal—but quite frankly they’re far too complex for real estate agents to use easily, and they don’t have as many free functionalities.


2. Free Functionalities

WordPress’ free functionalities are the only reason that we’re able to offer soo many amazing real estate website functionalities, like live chat, integrated CRM, integrated video and lead capturing—without adding any costs to the end user, or expensive monthly fees that generate profits over time. Since these functionalities are free with WordPress, we don’t charge you a ton of money to install them. In fact, nearly every functionality available with WordPress is free during initial installation. After that we charge a $25 support ticket fee to install additional functionalities (called “plugins” with WordPress)…which is entirely fair since we don’t charge an expensive monthly fee like our competitors (who charge you whether you use their services that month or not).

One example of this is one of the niche websites we run–condos for sale in Regina, a website dedicated to garnering leads in the Regina condo market. This website uses a number of pre-existing technologies with call to actions, listing comparisons and more–all of which wouldn’t be possible (without expensive custom development fees) without free functionalities.


3. Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Since WordPress is free, its plugins/features are free, and our ability to blend inexpensive themes with the free platform and free plugins is just $2500 without an expensive monthly fee—this mean a low total cost of ownership for your website. This frees up money to invest in other forms of marketing, while leveraging the best technology on the market (without spending tens of thousands of dollars of course—which could get you better technology, of course).



Are There any Drawbacks to WordPress for Real Estate Websites?

Yup. There’s a few ‘cons’ of WordPress—however, as a simple user you won’t notice them. They do provide some limitations on the design end, but since our websites don’t deal with tons of custom design work and coding (hence why we’re able to offer our websites at the price we do), it isn’t much of a concern to us either.


If you really, really, really want to know what the drawbacks of WordPress for real estate websites are, voila:


1. Some people consider open source a drawback, as not 100% of every single functionality works with every single theme, and vice versa. (We don’t consider this a ‘big deal’ as you can always choose from the ten thousand other themes or plugins).

2. There are security issues with WordPress for large companies adding proprietary information that shouldn’t be shared with the public. But, since you’re not a large corporation (and aren’t a target of high-level hackers) and are putting all your WordPress information out there on the web for everyone to see—this isn’t a concern for you.

3. It’s not designed to be used out-of-the-box for large-sized websites. What this means is that large corporations who try to use WordPress (and many do—including Readers Digest, CNN, National Geographic and many more) need to do a lot of customization to support the amount of graphics and interactivity. Your site will never have these types of issues unless you become the largest, nation-wide brokerage in North America that is hosting all your agents’ websites on it.


Curious what WordPress can do for you? Just hop on over to our portfolio to see what we’ve done for other agents—and what we can do for you.
Don’t Leave Now! You’ve only just begun…click below to learn more about:


People always ask us–just how easy is your real estate websites design platform to use REALLY.

Our answer: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-ily easy. And we’ll show you.

 How to Use our Real Estate Websites Design

OK–we said it would be easy and here it is. After we create a website for you we give you the web address for you to login it at. It will always be

From there you enter the username and password we give you.  If you click “remember me” you won’t have to login each time, it will allow you to bypass this screen and go right to your dashboard.





Now that you’ve logged in you will see your dashboard. From here you can easily navigate using the right-hand menu (which appears on every single page) to choose your desired goal.

Real Estate Websites Design: Just HOW Easy Are our Websites REALLY


Let’s say that you want to add a blog post. You simply click blog post–>add new . Or, you can hover over the “posts” tab and a menu will automatically appear that you can choose from.

Once you’ve clicked add new you write a title/headline, then the body of the post. When you’re done click “Publish” (although in this account example it says “submit for review” as I have set this user to be a contributor that I have  to review their content before they post).

Real Estate Websites Design: Just HOW Easy Are our Websites REALLY

If you want to edit a blog post that you have already written you simply click on “posts” and then scroll down to the one you want to edit. If you have tons and tons of posts (this would be a hypothetical ‘good job!’) then you can use the “search” to find the one you want.
  Real Estate Websites Design: Just HOW Easy Are our Websites REALLY  

This process can be easily repeated if you want to edit one of your website pages, or to add/edit one of its listings.


Real Estate Websites Design: The Ease of WordPress

As you can see the process of adding, changing and editing content on your website couldn’t be simpler. If you can use Hotmail and Facebook–you can use WordPress, and you can use our real estate websites design!


Don’t Leave Now! You’ve only just begun…click below to learn more about:





Real Estate Website Tip: Can I just Buy a WordPress Theme and Upload it?

Nope—thank god.


If using WordPress were THAT easy we’d all be out of jobs.


While WordPress provides a powerful platform with rich, customizable, feature-rich themes. Those themes aren’t plug-and-play solutions. There is hours upon hours of backend stuff to get done, including setting the theme to look like the demo (you should see the hot mess they start out as), creating site hierarchy, setting SEO, creating menus, adding images, creating graphics, setting sliders, adding content, and on and on. As an example, we created a website in Regina real estate, regarding condos for sale in Regina. This website leveraged a number of design elements included, but don’t simply turn on–they need to be customized, designed and branded. We also had to add a ton of functionalities not included in the base theme, like call to actions, listing information and more.


So WordPress is Hard to Use? (Bad News?)

WordPress is an extremely easy to use system when you are simply uploading listings and blog posts. To do the design stage however takes more time and knowledge than you likely have (if you knew how to do it you wouldn’t b reading this). This however is why WE have jobs.


So, the short answer to if you can simply buy a WordPress theme and upload it on your website to create a great real estate websites—the short answer is no. It isn’t that easy.


To learn how to use WordPress for design purposes, you would need to spend a couple hundred hours in class to learn how to create what you want. Our highly-recommended alternative, is to just pay us the $2500.


But What About Website Builders?
If someone recommended a real estate website builder, we implore you to ask them two questions….how well did it turn out? (this one you can see for yourself) and how long did it take you?

Unless they’ve done it before, it likely took them at least a few days to put together, and the results aren’t comparable to what we can provide.


Our advice is to leave web design to the pros—just as we leave important real estate advice to the pros. We’re all experts at something, but your expert status lies in lucrative real estate. Sadly ours, lies in staying-home-in-your-mom’s-basement software manipulation.


Hop on over to our real estate websites portfolio page to see exactly how well we design websites, which will help you understand why it is just simply worth it to pay us the $2500 to create your site (which you then own forever and pay nothing else on except for yearly hosting).


Don’t Leave Now! You’ve only just begun…click below to learn more about:

Why Buy a Real Estate Websites Canada Websites

OK—get ready an onslaught of shameless self plugs for real estate websites.

But hey, at least we warned you. Not even Pepsi or Coke afford you that type of honesty.

So, on to the shameless nitty-gritty of why you need one of our Real Estate Websites Canada websites. To make this easy-to-skim so you can mosey on over to our product page—or get back to work—we’re going to use super-simple numbering. Thankfully, we’ve got 3 convenient tips on why you should use our websites:

real estate websites canada pic 232

Real Estate Websites: Why We’re Better:

1. Our Real Estate Websites are Better

We said this would be shameless…but this isn’t the self-aggrandizing part yet. If you’ve somehow landed on this page then you’ve likely been shopping around for real estate websites. And if you’ve been shopping around, then you know exactly how good our websites are.


By using powerful WordPress themes (not to be confused with the limited ‘template’ options offered by our competitors) we are able to offer thousands of extremely powerful and dynamic designs. These designs won’t be used by throngs of your competitors, and they offer powerful, FREE tools that we are able to leverage. This means you get the look, feel and power of a custom-designed website, without the $6,000 price tag.


Should you doubt that we’re better, just compare us to the competition. If we don’t win on looks alone (not even counting the fact that we’re significantly cheaper) we’ll be surprised—but we’ll gladly recommend the top competitors in the business for you to scout a new site from. Heck, we’ll tell you now who they are: MCS, RealWeb, Incomm, MoneyMaker and TopProducer.


2. Our Real Estate Websites Pricing Model

We’ve turned the real estate websites pricing model entirely upside down. While other companies charge a monthly fee (which for most of our competitors is between $39.95 to $79.95 plus $100 to $299 setup fee), we only charge you for what you actually use. We don’t have free support (after the initial website is setup and you overwhelmingly approve it), so we charge $25 for a support incident. When you’re not paying anything monthly, paying for support once in a blue moon makes sense financially (and we’re so insanely, readily available—just ask us on our Live Chat…or call us….or email us).


This monthly fee charged by our competitors will run you between $480 to 960 EVERY year, which means our websites (which are a one-time fee of $2500) will pay for themselves in the first year….and this timeframe doesn’t even include the fact that they charge you a setup fee as well.


What we offer our customers is a chance to OWN their website instead of renting it, because when you leave many of our competitors—you don’t take your website with you. This is why you have to keep paying the monthly fee—until the end of time—because you’re renting. This makes no sense in the best of scenarios—but seriously, a real estate agent that RENTS?


3. Functionalities from our Real Estate Websites

 Don’t get in your mind that we’re cheap. Well, we are—but what we provide isn’t a cheap version.


We offer more functionalities than our competitors because we leverage a platform called WordPress, and WordPress has thousands of themes and tens of thousands of functionalities. And you can have any of these functionalities at no extra cost during initial installation. If you find a functionality that you want further down the line—you simply buy a service ticket to install it. (about 90% of WordPress functionalities can be installed easily, and for free—in which case a single support ticket would do it).


These functionalities, just to name a few, include: live chat, email marketing integration, CRM integration (so you can ditch the $50-a-month TopProducer), social media promotion tools, SEO tols, free QR codes for whatever website page you desire, click-to-call button, click-to-print button, click-to-email button integrated blog, and MORE.



If you find a functionality that they offer and we don’t have on offer on our website—just ask us. WordPress has tens of thousands of functionalities, and we can’t list them all or you would be bored (although quite frankly we’re just impressed you’re still reading).




Not convinced yet? ….Really? We offer more-professional websites, for cheaper, saving you thousands of dollars over the years, with all the top technologies that don’t cost you extra (aside from a possible $25 installation fee). If you want more than that…let us know, we might still be able to accommodate you.


So You’re Cheap—So What?


Hopefully none of you are saying this, as we’ve demonstrated why we’re top quality. But, if you are—give us a call. We’d love to have a friendly, informative discussion with you about how else we distinguish ourselves from our competition—and to answer any lingering questions you have.




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The best real estate websites have one thing in common—they deliver potential clients. If you’re website isn’t delivering leads—then you’re missing out on clients, and it is likely for one of the following three reasons:

1. Bounce Problems

‘Bounce rate’ is web terminology for when someone clicks on your site, it loads, and they leave within a few seconds. It happens when people don’t like what they see, or what they see doesn’t pop out at them. The best real estate website avoid these like the plague.

The sites with the highest bounce rates generally have one or more of the following issues:

No flow. A website, like any graphical element needs to have a specific flow that the eye is supposed to follow. To accomplish this you need to choose colours, sizes, fonts, pictures and videos that attract the readers to the most important part of your site and then provide a natural visual flow. Websites with multiple items that jump out at you will make users ‘bounce’.

Cheese. Nobody like cheesy. A website that looks cheesy will encourage people to bounce immediately.

Similarity. If your website looks like every other agents’ website then you won’t capture people’s attention immediately. To avoid similarity stay away from templates used by other agents in your area (like MCS or Real Web websites).

2. Failure to Communicate

People are surfing the internet for information. If you don’t provide them, quickly, the information they are looking for then they will find best real estate websites that will. To offer them the information they want in record time, your website needs:

– Excellent navigation. Your navigation should preferably be at the top of your website, and be clearly labelled and easy-to-read. If you have more than 5 or 6 pages then you will want to use drop-down menus to avoid your menu being too cluttered.

– Use sub headings to help people skim the page for the information that they want.

– Use clear fonts without funky colours to make your text easy-to-read.


3. Failure to Convert

Attracting people to your website is one challenge. Getting them to stick around for a few minutes is your second challenge. Your third, and final, challenge of the best real estate websites is getting them to take the next step and contact you.This conversion stage is the most difficult, especially since many homebuyers browsing the web are still in their informational phase and aren’t ready to begin contacting Realtors yet. This informational stage however is exactly when you need to strike.To aid your conversion rate, you need to focus on the following:

Expert status. To help aid in conversions, you first need to offer information and advice on your website that makes you an expert. Avoid generalizations and marketing fluff. Instead give them tangible reasons to make you their agent.

Contact. You need to have methods to contact you on every page of your website. This means phone number, email, live chat and social profiles—because you don’t know which method each user will prefer (and not all of them will prefer the same method).

Call to actions. Every good website needs some call to actions. These are generally brightly-coloured buttons with some text that grabs you and convinces you to call. Ideally you want multiple, different call-to-action buttons on your site. On your listings you can hold back a piece of information and say “call for X piece of information”.

Downloadable content. Adding content that can only be accessed by entering your email and then downloading it, or having it emailed to you, is a great way to build your email marketing list.

4. Page Load Time — A Habit of the Best Real Estate Websites

Pages that take a long time to load are bad. First, many people won’t wait–they’ll just bounce to another website. Second, Google doesn’t like pages that take too long to load, so they will suggest other ones to people performing Google searches. So, to ensure success, the best real estate websites load lickety-split.


So, is your website doing all that? No…then you need us. Check out our portfolio for some examples of the work we’ve done, then head on over to our services or pricing page to see how much we can offer—and how extremely affordable it is (hint: it’s $2500—with no expensive monthly fee). If your website IS doing all that—kudos! But check our pricing page because we can likely save you a ton of money that you can reinvest in other areas of your marketing.



Don’t Leave Now! You’ve only just begun…click below to learn more about:



If you’re looking for the top 10 real estate websites then you’re likely looking for some inspiration to kickstart your own kick-a** real estate agent online marketing campaign. Boy have you come to the right place—because that’s kind of our ‘thing’.


Before we knock you off your super-impressed feet with purdy pictures, let’s go over what makes a good website. First we’ll discuss what the public looks for in their top real estate websites, and then what Google look for. If you’re just looking for pretty pictures, skip the next part (although we don’t recommend it) and then look at the top 10 real estate websites based on existing WordPress themes—which we can install along with all the functionalities you want for a one-time fee of $2500.


Top 10 Real Estate Websites: What the Public Wants
Every website should be geared towards what the public wants—because that’s who you’re making the website for. And this is what they want (using rash generalizations of course):


  1. Easy-to-find content
  2. Relevant content
  3. Unique content that isn’t on every other realtor’s site
  4. Tangible content about their desired neighbourhood, condo, community or local real estate market
  5. Multiple ways to contact you (because not everyone wants to go the same communication route), including phone number, email and live chat
  6. Information on your listings that can’t be found on MLS (otherwise they would just go to MLS)
  7. Specific information about you as a realtor


Top 10 Real Estate Websites: What Google Wants

The Google gods are fickle. They know exactly what they want, and like any fickle god if you don’t offer it they will find another puny mortal who will give them what they want. And they’ll make that puny mortal show up higher in their search results than you—so give them what they want, which is:


  1. Unique content (if you use duplicate content they will strike you down with a godly bolt of lightning)
  2. More (unique) content than your competitor
  3. More inbound links (links from other people’s website pointing to your website) thank your competitors (notice the theme here with your competitor’s?)
  4. Use of SEO keywords (you can steal some from one of our other blog posts)
  5. Images with keywords in your ‘alt image tags’….you can Google what those are
  6. At least 300 words per page
  7. An outgoing link (pointing to someone else’s website) on every page, like Wikipedia, city council, another local business, etc.

OK—ready for the pretty pictures now? …. Click the link below the image for a live demo



Top 10 Real Estate Websites


Open Door Real Estate Theme for real estate websites

Top 10 Real Estate Websites



CasaNova Real Estate Website Theme

Top 10 Real Estate Websites



Curb Appeal Real Estate Website Theme

Top 10 Real Estate Websites

TurnKey Real Estate Website Theme

Top 10 Real Estate Websites


Construct Real Estate Websites Theme

Top 10 Real Estate Websites


LightHouse Real Estate Web Design Theme
Top 10 Real Estate Websites



Ushuaia Real Estate Web Design

Top 10 Real Estate Websites


Decorum Real Estate Web Design Theme


Top 10 Real Estate Websites


AgentPress Real Estate Web Design Theme



Top 10 Real Estate Websites


Associate WordPress Theme for Real Estate Web Design



WANT MORE?…. Visit our Gallery


Don’t Leave Now! You’ve only just begun…click below to learn more about:

If you’ve been humming and hawing over whether to install live chat on your real estate website—our opinion is a resounding yes. A thousands times yes. Why wouldn’t you?


Our absolute most convincing reason to use live chat on your real estate website is that if you’re already a customer of Real Estate Websites Canada (REwebsites) then live chat is FREE. No seriously. Shoot us an email ( or give us a call  and let us know you want it—we’ll get you started with live chat today. Well, it might be tomorrow. We may be knee-deep in website development at the moment.


If it being free wasn’t reason enough—here’s 6 more:


  1. Insta-Leads Live chat is like the instant-coffee version of the internet. Leads are readily available for the picking, but many want the instant-gratification that live chat provides.
  2. Counter the Fear Many people are shy to pick up the phone and call you. Live chat is significantly less threatening.
  3. Monitoring The live chat tool we install on our websites empowers you to track your visitors as they move throughout your site. Noticing what page they are on can help you guide them through the content you’ve carefully created—and preemptively answer any questions they may have.
  4. First Impression By being so readily-available and attentive to their needs, through live chat, you create an unbeatable first impression.
  5. It’s Easy Using live chat (the one we use at least) is super easy. There’s an app to put on your smartphone that sends you alerts, just like texts. You can adjust your settings to alert you whenever someone hops on your site, so that you can offer them a preemptive hello and a welcome to your site—or, when they type a message into the live chat box. You then receive an alert to your phone and type like you would a text message. If you can text, you can use our live chat.
  6. It’s FREEWe know we mentioned this—but seriously…it’s free!


If you’re curious about live chat on your website. Give us a ring-a-ding-ding, drop us a line—or use our convenient live chat feature that should be hovering at the bottom right hand-side of the screen. If we’re ‘offline’ send us a message—because unlike Realtors, we DO sleep!



If you want live chat on your website–and want to save the expensive monthly fees you’re spending on your website now, click here to find out more about the services and products that we offer… 

Author: Robin

Should Real Estate Agents Use Website Builders?  — Real Estate Website Builders


real estate website builder
Should real estate agents use website builders? In our opinion? No, of course not.


Our knee-jerk response isn’t what you think though…


Yes, we—of course—want you to purchase a website from us instead of a website builder, but we also know that eventually most agents who use website builders will turn to a professional web development company anyways. And since we’re rockstar awesome, have the most economical prices in the business and offer top-level technologies—they’ll come to us eventually. So—we’d rather save you the time by telling you which real estate agents should use website builders…and which should use US.


Real Estate Website Builders: Who SHOULD Use Website Builders

  • Agents just starting out who have absolutely zero budget for a website.
  • Agents with plenty of time on their hands to build the website.
  • Agents with a reasonable level of technological know-how.
  • Agents looking for a simple website with basic functionalities (for some—that’s all they need and want, and hey—that’s cool!)

If you think a real estate website builder might be for you–allow us to point you in the right direction with this great chart of different website builders and what they can do:

real estate website builder 2

Real Estate Website Builders: Who SHOULDN’T Use Website Builders

  • Agents who don’t have the average of 15-25 hours that it takes to create a reasonably high-quality website with a website builder—and would just rather fork out the $2500.  Because sometimes having a pro do a pro-grade job is worth more than paying yourself slightly above minimum wage to figure out how to build a website.
  • Agents who have an image to uphold and need a professional-looking website.
  • Agents who want a number of top-level technology website features like lead-capturing, CRM, Live-Chat, Mobile Click-to-Call buttons—and more.
  • Agents looking to leverage on-the-go online marketing with a mobile website and QR codes.
  • Agents who get frustrated easily by technology (you know who you are).
  • Agents who aren’t sure exactly what they need on their website! (You know who YOU are too)
  • Agents who want more control over the look and feel of their site.
  • Agents who see the value in owning their website instead of renting it.
  • Agents who need on-going support to manage and continue to expand their website and online presence.

Real Estate Website Builders….hmmm….Not sure which one you are? Feel free to give us a call…we’re honest and will give you a no-nonsense answer to what you really need. If you understand technology (which we can determine from a 2-minute phone conversation) and all you truly need is a website builder—then we’ll tell you just that! (And then we’ll kindly ask you to refer us to less-technical agents in your office, of course).

If you’ve tried a website builder and aren’t happy with the results or simply ‘weren’t able to quite figure it out’ (no shame in that game—we know how much knowledge it takes to build a website), then welcome home—like family we’ll take care of ya’.


To see examples of the kind of website you can get for just $2500–with no expensive monthly fee–click here for pricing, and here for portfolio examples.

real estate website builder 3

Author: Robin

Don’t think we can help with your real estate websites? Pfft…wanna bet? No, literally—we need the money.

Rewebsites Canada helps its customers with their real estate websites, while building their online—and offline presences (ask us how we manage that!)–over the long term. Curious the ways that we help? Well, off the tops of our heads we can think of 27 reasons you need us….


  1. We get your mobile. (click here to see more about our mobile sites)
  2. We get you started on QR codes. (free with our websites!)
  3. We improve your professional image with a stylish website and stellar content.
  4. We improve your listing presentation by offering you a unique platform to promote your property—and not with the terrible, space-constrained MLS profile.
  5. FREE easy-to-use lead-capturing technology.
  6. FREE easy-to-use CRM-based customer and lead management.
  7. One-button integration with your social media marketing (Facebook yo!).
  8. With SEO help.
  9. Canadian-style customer service “you first”…”oh no, you first”…”oh no, your first—I insist”
  10. With our ATTENTION-GRABBING content.
  11. With our integrated blogging.
  12. With our Google Analytics and Google Webmaster integration.
  13. By helping you get on Facebook (it’s never too late!).
  14. With the technologies you crave—like click-to-call buttons and Live Chat.
  15. Unlimited content—because you may have a lot to say!
  16. With your entire branding strategy—from branded email accounts to marketing materials.
  17. By guiding you with our knowledge (and like McDonald’s smiles—that’s free).
  18. Low costs.
  19. An easy-to-use Content Management System—that yes, even you can use (you know who you are).
  20. Post-website-creation tutorials that teach you how to use the technology (again and again if you need it).
  21. Virtual tour encouragement.
  22. Video marketing empowerment.
  23. IDX integration (if you want it—although have a chat with us about it first, it may not be all you thought it was)
  24. Listing write-ups so that your listing information looks super-professional.
  25. Blogging. We do it for you—so that you don’t have to.
  26. We mow your lawn. (Just checkin’ if you’re paying attention).
  27. We’re fun to work with. (If you doubt the value of this then just think of your last customer service experience with Bell or Rogers).


If you’re curious about what we can do for you to build your real estate websites or online presence…or you really do need someone to mow your lawn—give us a shout. 

To see how little it will cost you to move to one of our websites–with no expensive monthly fee like our here.


Author: Robin