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STEP 1: Real Estate Website Visitors


You can’t squeeze blood from a stone. Your first step to get leads from your real estate website is to get traffic. No traffic—no leads. You can leverage one or more of multiple traffic sources for real estate website lead generation, which includes:

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Facebook Ads
  3. Google Ads
  4. SEO





STEP 2: Lead Gen

The next step is to ask for the leads…because if you don’t ask for the business—you won’t get it.


Our Realtor lead-gen forms are the best in the business at turning your website visitors into leads. How do they work? Fairly simple–they ask people to input their contact information, based on a tempting call-to-action strategy.


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STEP 3: Tinker to Improve

So, now you’ve got traffic and Realtor lead-generation tech that has got some leads coming in–fantastic! But don’t stop there…continue to improve by ‘tinkering’, scientifically. By performing A/B testing (showing lead-gen form A to one set of people and form B to another set–then choosing the better performer and doing another test) you can continually improve your website-visitor-to-lead conversion %….meaning you get more leads from the same amount of traffic. With these % numbers you also know that X ad dollars turns into X leads–so pouring more fuel on the fire (more advertising/marketing)!  










Lead generation is a science. It’s an actual mathematical formula. It’s the amount of website visitors, multiplied by the website-conversion ratio = lead quantity. For example, if you get 1,000 visitors and have a lead-conversion rate of 2% then you get 20 leads. A 4% rate would mean 40 leads…from the same traffic.

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real estate web design for lead generation


We highly recommend our Managed Lead Services (forgive the acronym…MLS) package, which uses Facebook ads, landing pages, A/B testing and knowledgeable lead-gen advice to improve your ratio. Because we want our clients to have more leads from the same traffic. Or better yet, for them to learn their conversion rate, improve it—and then simply pour more advertising fuel on the fire. With this knowledge you know your exact cost of client acquisition. For example, if it costs you $6 per lead and you convert 1 in 25 into a client, then each client costs you $150 (which may or may not sound like a lot—but would you pay $150 for a client?).



  • 50/month
  • Quasi Custom
  • $500 setup 
  • 70/month
  • Quasi Custom w/ Lead Gen
  • $600 setup
  • 200/mo (+Ads)
  • Quasi w/ Managed Lead Services and Facebook Ad Services
  • $800 setup 
  • 2500setup
  • Custom Website
  • +$120 Annually for costing, + Pay-as-you-go support